We communicate a lot, we can instantly connect with the click of a button with friends, family around the world. We access more information today in one month of reading the dawn than people had access to in an entire lifetime about 100 years ago. This change in communication has made our planet smaller, our lives more fascinating, and our knowledge base infinite. With so many great blessings of communication technologies it is right thing to do to show our gratitude to the ways we can all communicate today and the people that have allowed this to happen. With this mindset, I now present you with the 10 most incredible Inventions that Changed Communications Forever.

1.Postal Service


Every day we check the mailbox, and most of us still receive some important documents via postal service like TCS, PPO. Dating back to 1775 the postal service in the US has been using mailing addresses to deliver letters. Have anyone receive any mail today?



In 1830, the widely known and father of telephones the electronic telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse. Morse code allowed signal pulses to travel down electrical wire and messages to be decoded forever changing the speed of long distance interaction to “Instant.”



The first ever patented telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.  This gadget wholly changed the look of communication. You could now speak to someone in another place.



Today we love to listen FM 1O5,1O1 and so on dating back In 1896, Marconi sent his first long-distance wireless transmission over a distance of 2 kilometers. This earned Marconi a title as the man who gave us the first radio.



Televisions are now transformed into LCDs, LEDs and OLEDs but the first television prototype was made by Phillip T. Farnsworth on September 7, 1927. When he demonstrated the first working television set. He had been working on a method to transmit images: What he discovered was that you could encode radio waves with an image and then project them back onto the screen.

6.Computer networking


In October of 1969 Charley Kline and Bill Duvall invented the first computer network.

Now a day’s Computer networking plays big role in our daily routines. It provides us entertainment, knowledge and a vast medium to communicate and share.

7.Mobile phone



 In 1973, Inventor Martin Cooper placed the first cellular mobile call to Joel Engel at Bell Labs. The first mobile phone had a maximum talk time of 30 minutes, and a battery that took a year to recharge. The phone would eventually be a prototype for Motorola’s first mobile phones. No doubt it was a remarkable invention. Now this gadget has become the most useful and important thing in our life.

8. Video Conferencing


Today, telepresence and 3D telepresence are changing the face of long distance in person communication, but in 1970 this technology had a very low quality image of the person you were speaking on the phone with (Video Phone).  It was highly expensive and it wasn’t really until the 1980’s that the commercial sector began to invest in the technology and start to use it. Today we use Skype.

9. Text Message


Text messages made our life easeful “We”, the youngsters are fond of this technology as we always found using this service. In 1985, the first text message was sent through the still used GSM networks. Do you know what it said? It was actually “Merry Christmas”.

 10.Mobile Payment




In 21st century we have various ways and technology to communicate. The upcoming technology which will mark it place is NFC (near field communication). The adoption of mobile payment standards using near field communication (NFC) with smart phones, will allow contactless payment and accelerate aircraft boarding.

These technologies would keep updating, becoming vast and keep changing your life day by day. So wait and watch, what comes next?

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