A Walk Through The University Door

A Walk Through The University Door

Checked the mirror twice before stepping out of my cousin’s car. He did say something but my focus was on the white building and the crowd gathered there to greet me. For a moment, I imagined myself as a celebrity walking down the red carpet with fans chanting my name. A thought which existed till, I was asked, “Intro do.” That was my first day and I know many can relate to it just changing a detail here and there. The university started and the experiences grew.

I am a Muetian but my words would locate the thoughts of each and every student from any university. From ragging to the lecturer whom you think won’t ever understand you, it is all common and is a part of our years of stay in a system which we are going to defy no matter how perfect it gets. The thing is, the administration should appoint a student body which would chip in while making a change or implementing something in the overall system. Well that is an ideal situation and until that does not happens, we are going to bunk classes, be under the pressures of supplies, remain on a low side and have our hate the university phase turned on.

Putting the academic trauma behind our backs, there always lies a philosophical question in our minds that what are we really doing. Being a part of a university there are rare students who contribute to the field they are in. Rest just move on and are determined to get the rolled sheet of paper, the degree. Our minds are lost treasures which are valueless if scattered. There always lies a need of someone to pile it all together. I am doing just fine enough work for my name but none remarks my technical skills. There is a nagging voice in my head which keeps shouting at me to do something and I have ideas but then again, the motivation factor or precisely the interest levels have dropped. I guess you all will agree with me that for an engineering student, the system of exams and the requirement of GPA really holds us back.

Thrashing all of this in a can, still the cake of the university period seems left untouched. People say that this life is the final mold for a student to become an adult. We experience friendships, betrayals, the urge of quitting, the final love, the mature fights or for some their first pay check. There is a lot to it. Each step we take has a new story to reveal, a story which becomes a part of our memory for years to come. Like losing a friend because he met a girl or getting kicked out of the class because you were caught placing a friend’s attendance in a girl’s voice. There is a lot to the 4 or 5 years you spend under the name MUET which students fight to be a part of.

The university years are going to turn into months and then days. After that the life becomes tougher as our mature minds divert towards diversified career paths. This is the time to do what you imagine. Even if you fail, there is no one to question you because there isn’t any heavy responsibility upon your shoulders when you implement your visions. Live out to the max you can because trust me, these days aren’t going to come back and once gone, they will just remain somewhere written in the books of your minds.

Muhammad Arsalan Jalees Abro (MAJA)

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  1. April 1, 2015 at 10:19 am

    Muet must be proud to have such a writer.

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