Android L -A step towards sweetness!

Android L   -A step towards sweetness!

If you have a sweet tooth for what’s Google’s next Android version is? You have come to the right place. Google’s Android versions have always added sweet treats into the market and have amazed us with innovating features since the beginning. It surely seemed exciting when Google posted the clue that their next OS will be something ‘Android L’ but It definitely stir up people to some extent .As Google has a long history of having a heart-to-heart connection with sweet and sugary names of its OS version such as Gingerbread, Kitkat, Icecream Sandwich.

It was predictable that this version will be from the family tree of confectionery. Like everyone, out of curiosity I also googled every sweet I could think of letter ‘L’, from Liquorice to Lemonade(Sugary) but sadly, I couldn’t get glimpse of the dessert google was cooking with the initial L .

But alas the wait is over because google has finally announced that their new android version is called “Lollipop”. As fascinating as the Lollipop tastes, it actually has all the sweetening flavors to add to our androids.

Google this time offers very versatile features starting from the input voice command to multi-screening. Honestly speaking, Google actually played very smartly this time; they targeted all the devices that are used by almost everyone i-e The Lollipop fever will be found not only on mobiles, but in tablets, watches and cars also.

Stating the cliché, the heartache that every Android user experienced was the battery issue. Out of 24 hours, our cellphones were being charged 16 hours almost. And who knew that The Lollipop would be our savior one day, Technically speaking, Google did. On a serious note, Lollipop version has the feature that saves our mobile battery up to 60% and luckily it’s going to be more playing than charging.

The material design is remarkable, it’s flat but its mechanism makes every shadow, animation, and ripple look real and the best part about Lollipop is: It helps you to bunny-hop from one Android device to another. Didn’t get it? Well if you started a song on one device, you can continue your song on another Android device.

Have you ever thought how annoying it becomes when we have to unlock our cell phones first, whenever we get a notification? Well, guess what! Dr.Lollipop has the ultimate solution. The notification panel and the lock screen are merged together this time, so you actually can get notifications on top of your lock screen without going through the dreadful process. And stating the cherry on top of the cake, you can adjust the setting by prioritizing your application by your own choice.

To be honest, I personally hated the fact that while playing a game, if I get a call, my game was stopped in the middle and I had to answer the call. This time Lollipop brought a smarter solution, it depends on user if he wants to pick the call or the game should be continued, isn’t that awesome? That means no more intrusions at wrong time.

Last but not the least, Android 5.0 has a smart sense, it even recognizes the user by his voice, or by a Bluetooth device and unlocks the mobile without any pin code.

Lollipop is not only a candy now, but an immerging android version. All the features have surely broken through the walls of techno-world. Now let’s see how this Lollipop actually spreads its sweetness in the market, it’s either gonna be bitter or better for what’s it worth.

Written by : 
       Mah Gul Hamza


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