Smart Phone has become the most important gadget in today’s life. It is not only a means of communication, but it holds every foremost things of your life like from pictures to videos, games to documents , messages to emails, from cool apps to e-books and yes of-course, your SECRETS too.This gadget has become an inseparable part of our lives. More like a true friend But after sometime when your mobile cum friend gets outdated and you have to replace it then again your new cellphone will take a lot time to become “your own phone”And by then it will be old fashioned again


What if you could only change each feature of your phone instead of buying a new one? not a bad idea??

Google agrees! Google has created Project Ara, the world’s first Modular-Smartphone. With Project Ara Google aims to take the user friendly way a person can customize software to their own needs and implement it on phone hardware.


Now Your head might be grinding what a Modular Smartphone is?? A Modular Smartphone is a skeleton, with ports where the phone’s components or “modules” fit in. As a picture lover wants a phone with high resolution Camera, a business man may want a phone that have big RAM, however a nerd may want a Phone that rivals a supercomputer while A teenager may want a phone that is slim and stylish but adults may want a phone that is reliable enough..!!

Now with Ara, one phone can fit the needs of all these. You don’t play games? Don’t bother buying a more RAM module. Through this You will have the phone you always dreamt of having. If you worry it will scatter to pieces, then let me tell you, the components will be fixed in place by a locking mechanism that will only disengage through the OS. Isn’t it cool??


Now You may think that this is something that will take Years and years actually be available to you. You are wrong. Time Magazine reports that Ara could arrive to the Market as early as the Middle of 2015 and price ranging from $50-$100.

I can keep telling you the wonders this project will bring in our lives but still we have to wait for this change

Till then stuck to “YOUR” phones

Logging off

Madiha fatima.


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