Cell phones When ,Where and How??

Cell phones When ,Where and How??

Let me ask you guys a question. What is the first thing that you do when you wake up??

Brush your teeth?? Have a glass of water?? Pray?? Yes this is a very common routine right?? But lets rewind back the routine. What is the really first thing that you do when you wake up?? Yeah you got me this time! Turn off your cell phone alarm! The very first thing that we interact with is our cell phones and this interaction has no pause the entire day. From Karachi to Kabul to Kansas. You’ll see every other person bowing their heads down to this boom of science. Its not merely a source of connecting people but it has proved to do alot more stuff than this. New applications, new softwares, new versions are being implemented on daily basis.


Cell phones are now an inseparable part of our lives its really hard to imagine our lives with our cellphones right?? But lets travel into the past and see what was life before this magic.

Man is a social animal. From the day of his creation he has always been in a quest of finding ways to shorten the distances. To convey his messages, ideas and thoughts in the most effective and efficient manner. Be it the letters that were sent through homing pigeon to the letters that were sent through a Post man to the letters that are sent through a text message or a mail.

Before the advent of cellphones, people who really wanted to communicate with others in an effective way installed Radio Telephones in their cars.

Cell phones are radios. Yes you heard me right. A very effective Radio. The people that installed Radio telephones in their cars didn’t have variety of options and apart from that they also were connected to one central antenna tower that each city had its own. There weren’t many different channels available perhaps 25 or something this was the number of channels available for them.

The brilliance of cellular systems is that, that it has divided the city into small cells which has ultimately resulted in a fast variety of frequencies that can be used by every one!


Old school: DynaTAC cellphone, 1983.

Photo courtesy: Motorolla Inc.

Can you believe it the first cell phone that was used by men wasn’t digital?? Yes it is true, in 1983 Analog cell phone standard named as AMPS which is an abbreviation of Advanced Mobile phone systems was approved by United Stated Federal Communication Systems. These phones didn’t provide functions like e-mail and web browsing which is a very easy task for our highly smart phones. Nevertheless the time changes and the Analog becomes Digital.

The first digital cell phones were the second generation i.e 2G. Digital cell phones also do use the same radio technology as the analog but in a different way. When it comes to digitalization we know that our data is being converted into binary number system i.e 0’s and 1’s. So now our voice was being converted into 0s and 1s and was easily being compressed.

Gone are those days when cell phone was only taken as a mean of communicating it is now a small world in itself. I’ve almost 30 apps in my smart phone and my friends have many more than that and you might also have a bundle of apps in you cell phones just a touch away.  Want to a watch a movie? Grab your cell phone,. Want to play games? You have your cell phone. Want to have a meaning of a complex word? Your dictionary is in your cell phone. Want to read lots of magazines? You don’t have to wait for the paper man its just a touch away. Want to capture the memories? You have your own digital camera inside your cell phone. Want to be self obsessed? Go for the selfie! Want to pay the bills? You don’t need to be in the queues any more your cell phone is your answer and the list doesn’t have an end though it is being vast-end.

I can keep telling you all the changes that this magic has brought in our lives but i guess you guys too have experienced how cellphones have really changed the way you live. And it would keep updating itself and keep changing your lives so set your mind for the upcoming changes.

Till then take alot of care of your self and yeah of your cellphones too! 🙂

-Stay connected.

-Zee Jay.


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