Chameleon Shoes!

Chameleon Shoes!

Imagine if you could change the color and patterns of your accessories according to your wish and will?

What if stuff like shoes, watches, specs and bags make your desires come true? Desires to change your attires on command and that also instantly!

Sounds too superficial, magical and non-technical to believe right?! Like Cinderella finding her fairy God mother who miraculously change her outfit to make her wishes come true 😛

But guess what if I tell you that it is possible in the real World and that also in a very technological way? Yes, Lads and Lass’! Here comes the most awaited and desirable techno-accessories.

These techno-accessories can be implemented using Cholesteric display technology (CDT).

According to recent research, approximately 13 billion pairs of shoes are sold each year. The average woman in developed countries owns approximately 19 pairs of shoes at any given time. The same research shows that of these 19 pairs of shoes, up to 75% are once in a blue moon worn, usually because they don’t match the owner’s wears. That’s why Kent State University developed CDT to provide a new and dynamic fashion example.




  • The idea is to integrate a Cholesteric display into shoes to change design on demand. One way to do so is for example via mobile phones Bluetooth function or NFC (near field communication). It is like changing the wallpaper on the phone only then sending the wallpaper design to the shoes. Someone shows up to the party with same style? No problem, search via your mobile phone for another style, hit the send button and you have your unique style!
  • The CDT needs only power during the change of the pattern/image. Once changed it stays like this forever, until you change it again.
  • No power consumption at all. Only a small battery can so last for very long time without flickering.
  • The molecules inside the display have two stable orientations. One, they are twisted. When an electrical charge is applied on certain areas of display, the molecules untwist and let the light through. The molecules maintain their state of twisted and untwisted until charge is applied again.


This promising technology is pleasant reality of life. Must for every fashionista! Not only it would be favorable for girls but for boys as well. After all even boys deserve change. That’s another thing that girls can more creatively and colorfully make use of this technology 😀

Ending it with hope that this wonderful technology is soon implemented so that we can make the best use of it!

Until next time, Cheers everyone! 😉

Samrah Bablani!





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