(Critical Thinker) 2 = (Ambitious) 2 + (Problem Solver) 2

(Critical Thinker) 2 = (Ambitious) 2 + (Problem Solver) 2

In the country of Calculus lived decent derivatives that were opposed by insect-like integration on every account. The gentle Linear Algebra was a good fellow accompanied by lady-like Analytical Geometry. It’s when we entered the territories of Differential the dinosaur that haunts with its sharp-pointed erratic equations — the war began and hence we emerged as Warriors…
There’s no deny that we warriors (engineers) suffer a great deal of itch and cringe and flinch when in the battle ground. I mean — when we’re solving any mathematical problem. And Like all other warriors we also bear wounds, and scars that are intangible. Look closely, and you find bruises on our brains caused by monstrous integration. For some of us, the world of mathematics is an awfully painful experience ever since we’ve shifted to country Calculus. Because Arithmetic was fine, yeah! 9+1=10. Geometry was cool, yeah! Perpendicular is a 90 degree angle. But what is this damn derivatives?
“I’m all about rate of change,” said d/dx rather shyly and politely.
Even so, we befriended derivatives, and these nice people took us to roam around jungles of Calculus where we encountered several snakes (integration symbols). Each integration has its own level and kind of venom depending upon the type of problem.
If it includes trigonometric ratios, the snake-bite feels dangerously fatal. And we’re almost dead. Yet, we’re warriors – warriors that don’t give up. We don’t step back.  Your head must be spinning reading my sheepish chronicles of mathematics. Yet, I’m going to keep rambling on the subject of mathematics owing to the interest and deep learning I hold as a bookworm, a self-proclaimed mathematician.
Point is: If you’re that student creeping along the semester suffering the traumas of supplies in any maths subject. The only way to get over it is to make it fun and exciting. To do that, you got to have a critical mindset which is driven by strong ambition. To have this ambition you need to begin solving as much problems.

  • Fail.
  • Get your head wounded each time.
  • Heal your mind by trying again.
  • Learn the hidden tactics.
  • Boom! You did it.

Remember that f(x) family? They’re nice people that would fix relationships between x and y in a manner so very friendly. Consider yourself as variable‘s’ [student] in a function F(s) = m, where m is for mathematics. Now, your whole progress as a student is depending upon your command on mathematics. Whatever (marks) numbers or values you put in *m* will determine your brilliance as a student. What’s more is that you don’t have to be particularly an engineering student to explore mathematics territories. No matter what your major is; if you’re a keen learner, you’ll find certain beauty in maths that leaves a lasting impression on your mind.
Once, in efforts to eradicate the idea that medical doesn’t involve mathematics I posed a problem to my pre-med students; which goes this way:
*“Neurons are components of the nervous system of the body that transmit signals as electrical impulses travel along their length. These impulses propagate when charge suddenly rushes into and then out of a part of the neuron called an axon. Measurements have shown that, during the inflow part of this cycle, approximately 5.6×10^11 Na+ ion (sodium ions) per meter, each with charge +e, enter the axon. How many coulombs of charge enter a 1.5 cm length of the axon during this process?”*
Dean Schlicter rightly said that: “Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.” Be it space adventure or human genome sequencing, everything is numbers and calculations. So, Sunaira found it amazing; the integration of biology and mathematics and highly endorsed its diversity. However, Sunaira is supposed to give medical university entry level test in near future. She finds solving physics problems way easier than cramming biological terminologies. Moreover, to promote sophisticated knowledge at large, scientists and researchers have appealed to developing nations to recruit more individuals in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Maths, being the backbone of all engineering sciences leads here again. We’ve got devote ourselves to it wholly, be its followers. If we’re sincere to ourselves and to our careers.
Imagine a world of warriors, who are not only fighters yet peacemakers, innovators and inventors, who carry the creativity in their hands and sprinkle it in every corner of this world. Yes, you can be that warrior shining in the degree armor. Just be that enthusiastic engineer.

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