Current Issues in Employment

Current Issues in Employment

The generation of 21st century has been blessed with adamant resources. We have access to more calories, more bytes and more watt hours. Life has brought an appreciable amount of relief to the youth lot; and education ranking top of the list. History speaks volumes on the prolific increment in the enrollment of students in many numbers of institutes across the globe respectively. A thirst goes on to seek the excellence up to an elastic limit that afterwards approach for a different horizon. This horizon aims to earn their breadbasket and of course to offer the exclusive service. This service so called being employed remains offline for the numerous candidates rushing out of the High Schools because of substantial deficiencies.

An absence of sound educational background does not let anyone step in the flourishing arenas. An employer says no to the poor folks because a real life challenge demands a thorough understanding of key ideas to cope it up. Education only grooms the potential to strive for the excellence and the spark it induces is the massive power for industries.

Improper Education puts off the confidence level which is the key to sustain in the industry. The layer of this low self-esteem and confidence will lead to failures in extemporaneous situations. For instance: A firm gets bankrupt and one’s heart pounces to throat rather than being responsive and vigilant to the condition.

An employer has an urge to seek the only one who can drive the engine. On the flip side, if one craves to experiment a trial for learning sadly this drive brings obstructions for fresh graduates. Anyone will want the qualified and experienced people. This crucial absence of the factor brings a tight corner to secure the jobs in an appropriate manner.

Yet another recruitment restriction brings the taste of favoritism despite efficiency. That is the Quota system or reserved seats for specific people. In a Government organization, the provisions are available for generations behind a single officer irrespective of merit. Similar phenomenon is observed for private sectors where recruiters look for the candidates of like institutes. Hence it imbibes the trouble for others to acquire the job despite passing through all the prospects of selection.

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  1. March 28, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    Send information about posts which will anounc in different engineering field specially metallurgy and materials

  2. February 24, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    Perhaps this article covers almost every hindrance that is often faced by fresh gradutaes . But i will love to add something to it and i.e the lobby system that has currently been the main factor in obtaining a job. Few renonwed private universities have been given special job offers bt rest of universities are kept aside nd have isolated them.

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