Diamond Planets

Diamond Planets

When it comes to diamonds, every girl appreciates  sparkling stone as diamonds are girl’s best friends and man’s worst enemy.

So have you ever thought to live on place surrounded by diamonds? Or even made up of diamond? You guys are probably thinking that I’m obsessed with stones.

So let me tell you that recently Scientists have found a planet outside of our solar system which could be a true diamond in the rough. Simply wow!! According to the US-Franco team that found it that its surface appears to be covered in graphite and diamond. This planet is twice Earth’s size, Researchers estate that at least one-third of the new planet’s mass could be diamond.

Though ’55 Cancri e’ is the name of this gemstone planet, having a radius twice that of earth’s  and  mass that’s eight times greater, making it a “super-Earth.”  55 cancri e is located in the constellation of Cancer , scientists says that the star can be seen with the naked eye.

However 55 Cancri e, the gigantic diamond planet is 3,532,320 miles from its star (more than 30,000,000 miles closer than Mercury’s orbit to the Sun), and makes a full orbit in around 18 hours.

 So Could Cancri e’s years be shorter than its days?? A Big No because 55 Cancri e has no days!! In fact, 55 Cancri e is tidally locked with its star.

The most amazing thing about this planet is that it is believed to be made mostly of diamond (and this is why I brought you here). And by mostly diamond, It mean the value of the planet has been theorized to be around $26.9 nonillion. I can hear the gears in everyone’s head grinding. So let me tell you it makes up about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 $ (30 zeroes). Breathtaking!! isn’t it?

 This isn’t a single planet which made up of different compositions like carbon. (other than silicates) but they are many which means there could be other gemstone planets out there just waiting to be discovered..!

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