Don’t Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes

Don’t Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes

Don’t Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes

As a matter of fact many people lose many great opportunities and don’t go forward just because of fear, on the contrary who believe in themselves, face the challenges and at last succeed in their target.

Let’s say fears are stories you tell yourself. It creates hurdles in your way, doesn’t let you do what you are made for. When the opportunities you see make a lot of utopia in your mind and persuade yourself you can do it but with the passage of time, this motivation gets less and less and at last you give up.

Who stopped you?

Who snatched this opportunity from you?

Definitely “YOU” and only you, you yourself has killed the opportunity. This happens almost with majority of people from school level to professional level. Let’s take a very common example of a class room where students are given the bundle of opportunities and most of them don’t encounter these opportunities just because of fear.

If my answer will be wrong what others will think?
I can’t share my idea; it might not be considered the appropriate one.

And many more excuses. Hey hey hold on don’t be good at making excuses rather good at getting those opportunities. Open the market of your thoughts and never afraid of telling them to the world. Never hesitate in participating, feel free to taste every appropriate experience. Love to kill the fear and overcome it.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Be afraid of not learning from them. On the other hand there are some conditions where you have to take this fear with you which have the positive result as well that is fear of Allah, fear of Day of Judgment, and fear of Sins etc.  This fear makes you a better person who can differentiate between what is right and what is wrong and always go for the right way and never afraid of that.

Reality of fear is not more than this that … you are not fear of dark but scared of what’s in it? You are not fear of height but you scare of falling down.
You are not fear of people but scared of rejection. And remember your largest fear carries your greatest growth, what you want is opposite of your fear. So kill the fear and put the dent in the universe of your name.

So will you dare to face the fear??

~Salman Habib 🙂

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  1. May 9, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    hey … ! great and motivatioanal attempt ..

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