Engineer Vs Scientist

Engineer Vs Scientist

It was a lazy cozy day today. I was sitting in central library of MUET,my mind was filled with ambiguous thoughts, puzzled with,wondering is there any difference b/w me and scientists?? Is being an Engineer and being Scientist is totally a different scenario??
Then my, even everyone’s God father in 21st century the Google, gave me answer…
Yes there is huge difference b/w engineer and scientist Though it is thought that both the terms are quite same if their work is taken under consideration but still both vary in many perspective.
As scientists are the one who formulate theories, though engineers are the ones who implement them. Scientists focuses on “unknown” but we focus on known.While scientists trained for designing tools but we are trained to use them. Scientists always treat the root of defunct while engineer treat the decease. Scientists find the laws that governs natural phenomena, where as we attempt to use those laws. Although scientists discover thing and we create them. Scientists work’s is a basic raw material for engineers. In addition engineer is a person who make the situation ideal. Scientists ask why does it works. Whereas we ask how it does works??
In conclusion we both are the students of science one maps the way while the other shapes it…
logging off, future engineer.
Madiha Fatima

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  1. February 28, 2015 at 7:19 pm

    this is the nice stuff you share the difference b/w engr.. and scie…

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