Exams and Appealing Distractions!

Exams and Appealing Distractions!

You know that feeling when everything around you turns interesting and amusing in exams? “Haaw! Spider on wall!!! ” types? You out of blue are fascinated by Indian soaps and even mausam ki khabren (whether news) attract you. On usual days nothing good comes up on TV but since it’s your exams, your favorite movie makes sure to piss you off by showing up, TADA! You just start loving your family even more and feel like spending every second with them. As if all khandani drama and gossips hell amazingly happen during exam times so that you couldn’t be part of it. Your bed, neighbors and everything just become ten times more lovable.

Sounds familiar right? We all go through this!

Now lets talk about why are these happenings? And how you can concentrate when you already feel so overwhelmed with the above distractions?

We are habitual of multitasking on daily basis. Like if we are working on some assignment, we simultaneously listen to music, we have some other tabs open as well, some work related some not( you know what I mean? :D) through which we continuously make shifts in about 2 to 3 mins. Many of us fall into this pattern because constantly shifting attention and multitasking ease the pain of doing something we hate in the first place. We are so stuck with this routine that we find it difficult to concentrate on studies only during exams and deliberately look for distractions in surroundings to lessen our discomfort of studying. This state of mind results in magnifying and beautifying every occurring and arising in our surroundings.

Science tells us that not only does multitasking make our work 50% less valuable; it takes 50% longer to finish. So it’s better that we indulge ourselves in the habit of concentration because only then it’ll bring us good and no harm. As you improve in the ability to strategically allocate your attention, your brain also improves. As you exercise concentration and selective attention, your brain rewires itself to support your new habits. Well that’s good news!

So people! Wanna get good grades? Meditate your concentration skills because concentration is not a gift or piece of cake.

“If your attitude towards a specific project swells with interest, intrigue and passion, concentration is astonishingly easy!”

Until next time, Happy focusing everyone! 😉


Samrah Bablani!





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