Feeling difficulty in writing a debate?

Feeling difficulty in writing a debate?

Mostly people think that Writing needs lots of efforts..

But hey.. let me make it clear that once you are done with learning some things,then you are ON THE MARK!!

How do you feel when you are messing with someone on some issue and striving to prove yourself correct?? Just feel the situation, at that time you are at your full ZEAL.. My fellows, debate needs the same zeal.

So what is debate?? Argument, dispute or controversy anything you can say. The main content that a DEBATE carries is PROVING YOURSELF, YOUR VIEWS RIGHT!! But remember.. you are not in a wrestling ring! Everything is to be done in a formal way. Now let me give some highlights..

  • On the first priority you should be having sharp views on the topic you are actually writing. Think on it in leisure & have a perfect structure in your mind.

Example: Suppose you are writing on internet technology.

So? What you think? It carries benefits? Disadvantages?

Let your answer is in the favor of the topic..

Thus you have to put up the fight for proving this by giving reasons and facts..

= It gives knowledge.

= It gives social platform.

= It makes things easier..

And ON & ON you should go..!

  • Know your audience & greet them with honor & politeness. Address the judges or the chief guests first.

You may use words like.. “Highly Prestigious”, “Respectable”, “Honorable” etc for the judges or chief guests. Moreover you can use “Dear fellows”, “Loving audience” etc.

  • You should be having good vocabulary. Adopt influential words in order to beautify your context. But make sure your words shouldn’t go so complex that makes audience unable to understand. The normally you go.. the more you gain their attention!


Sounds boring..? It can be better replaced by..

“The so charm of the nature forced me to get drained into its Passion”

Yesss.. you took it right!! You have to put in feelings.

  • Support your speech with proofs and evidences. Try to give new examples or at least uncommon. So that your debate can hold the attention of your audience throughout. Use history as your support.

“ In the war of independence 1947……”

“When Pakistan won the match against India in year……”


Try to emphasis upon such phrases so that even if somebody in audience is sleeping actually wakes up by your tone.. 😉


  • Avoid repetition of any point, view or event. The fact sounds impressive only once.

You remember how u hated a teacher when he/she repeats a thing over and over again?? So that can become your audience’ feelings.

  • BEWARE! Use your personal perceptions instead of copy paste culture. It will make your debate stronger. (Note: Don’t go extreme in anyway).

This makes the listeners impressed!

“According to my perception…”

“What I think….”

“I totally CONDEMN this…..”

  • Use golden words or quotations that relates your text so that your debate gets more stronger ( especially in competitions).

“ Lose an hour in the morning.. And then you will spend all day looking for it!”

  • When you are done with your debate, Give it a read and diagnose grammar mistakes and analyze if some point needs more clarifications.

So dear readers this was all from my side and I believe further that u can construct a good debate if all these above points are considered. BEING A DEBATER.. is a proud feeling! 🙂 So go for it.


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