To me playing games is really important for no matter when it comes to age of the person. Either he’s a student or a professional business man, for entertaining purposes he must play games sometimes, to refresh his mind & to avoid his concentration from his routine work for few moments.There are several types of games like card games, racing games, shooting games, action games or arcade games. The game I’m going to discuss here belongs to the last category I’ve mentioned above, ARCADE, & the game I’m going to give review of is FLAPPY BIRD.

Flappy bird is an arcade game which was developed by a Vietnamese developer named Nguyen. It was basically developed for cellphone devices mainly iPhone (iOS) in 2013 but it got popularity in January 2014, it’s a small game without any extra-ordinary type graphics or so but you might get amazed by knowing the fact that this game was the top downloaded game in apple store in January 2014. This was the same month when it was released for Android OS as well.

It’s really an addictive game in nature, once you start it’s hard to stop playing this game, due to this fact & its overuse by people developer felt bit guilt & removed it from apple & android stores in February 2014, though, according to him he was earning like $50k each day from the advertisements which were being shown within the game.

The removal of this game encouraged other developers to develop similar other games that became popular as well on both stores but google & apple stores had to remove similar games from their collection, while Flappy Bird Family was rebuilt for Amazon Fire TV in August 2014.


After a brief introduction I’d like to give you a demo about the functionality of this awesome game. In Flappy Bird there’s just a small bird which flies by your tap-touch on the screen, the bird goes through two green color pipes, one from the ground & another from the roof & you’ve to tap the screen in such a way & at such timings that the bird should cross through these two pipes without hitting any. There’s neither any time limit nor any ending point, just keep playing the game & the more pipes you cross, more the score you make. Personally I don’t think you’ll be able to cross 10 pipes at first try & I really don’t think you’ll ever be able to cross 1000 pipes. These are my personal views once you play the game you’ll come to know why I’ve used comments.

Interested users can download the game from following links, I’m also submitting link towards a flash game that can be played via pc, MuetTech Team or Author is in no way is affiliated to these links.

Android: Click Here

iOS: Click Here

Flash game for PC Users with sound: Click Here 


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