Fooodieee!!! I simply love food. Pasta with white sauce, pizza with lots of cheese ,steaks, Chinese and all those chocolaty deserts and ice creams oh God!!!Food is love. At times you are bored with the food at home and you wanna eat out but what if you are not able to go out??Happens a lot with me L And even if you order your food at home it may not be as fresh or cold already :/  So need to find out some remedies for sending out hot, fresh and quickly delivered food efficient but how? Here is an idea that will be implemented soon. It is called “FOODTUBES”. May be you would be wondering it is same application like foodpanda or something used to deliver at home with attractive food discounts. No it’s no….

The object of Foodtube is to deliver food at home. Try to imagine the concept and picture it you will love it. Food is gonna deliver to your homes via tubes. These tubes will be made up of metal and are to be placed underground and then implanted at your homes. Each house at first have to register for this service and get the tube elevators fixed at their places. It is going to be costly but it’s worth it. Food would be delivered to you by the hotel’s kitchen directly with in 10mins maximum using the elevators. But for that firstly the restaurant you ordered must have your address updated in their database. The Foodtube machine will contains some buttons and an electronic payment system it would accepts cards as well as cash . It will also have an LCD that previews the menu and your bill. You can easily place your order and pay according to your ease and enjoy your meal.





Electrolux Moleculaire 3D molecular food printer is a really a printer that prints edible fantastic food. The basis of Moleculaire was an influence by the chefs who struggle and put up a great piece of work in a plate. It prints the food layer by layer and acts like a computer numerical control (CNC) food printer for both professional and domestic kitchens. This interesting plan was also inspired from The Jetsons and the star trek. This is also a means that the concept of Foodtubes can be practiced in this way also. Thou it is just a proposal that can become reality similar to the other facilities we didn’t have back then and we do now likewise we can avail the Foodtubes also.



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