Getting OUT OF FORM during RAMADAN?

Getting OUT OF FORM during RAMADAN?

If you are a Muslim then you are certainly acknowledged that there are several hardships we suffer, carrying ourselves in form during this month mainly related to our diets, like it’s summer and we are not into food that much as we need to and thus getting weak?? Etc. Fasting is undoubtedly very beneficial for our healths but IT IS US who mishandle our diets which lead us to weakness and miseries. So? What are your resolutions this time? Like have you planned something which can make your RAMADAN good and healthy for you? You must be having heap of stuffs on your minds, and i just want to add up some pleasant side to yours. So here we go..

1) Guys! Experts say that meals having high quality protein should be taken in punctually and fats,  spices,  and diets rich in salt or sugar should be lowered down. Yes i know it’s damn hard to avoid because we mostly are diverted towards such diets in iftari? am i right? Oh come on.. just give it a try!



2) Fatty foods make the person lethargic and thirsty so? Got my point? Don’t go for such items in seher time.

3) Don’t drink “ROOH AFZA” on daily basis as it contains high amount of sugar, If you have to, drink it twice a week.



4) Dear peeps, don’t execute the repeatedly done mistake of drinking large amount of water in iftaar as filling the stomach with water is more strenuous to it than with food.



5) Guys, don’t get lazy for prayers, as excercising is necessary especially after iftaar.

6) BEWARE! Don’t have desert directly after iftaar, it will make you drowsy (if you really want to have it, then give atleast 2 hours gap after iftaar).

7) TIP!! SODIUM triggers down your thirst level during your fast so have them in seher time.

Meals rich in sodium are bananas, milk, dates, avocados, dried peaches, pumpkin, peas, dark chocolates etc.

8) Avoid more fried items in iftaar like samosas, pokoras and i just know it’s damn difficult as i’m one of the freaks who don’t generally avoid them. But CARE FOR YOURSELF!



Well these were some views from my side, don’t get it stopped to yourself but kindly forward to others J May you all have a happy and HEALTHY RAMADAN! Signing off.



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