Give me some light !!!

Give me some light !!!

What is light?the “small portion” of electromagnetic radiation which we can see through our naked eyes…..but what it is actaully?It consists of photons which can travel through the vacuum and carry the information from all over the universe,whatever we are seeing it is just because of the light that particular thing is reflecting.Lets get into this deeply,If you are seeing something which is red it means that the object is absorbing all the wavelengths of light and reflecting only the red light wavelength.Just do a little experiment in your home,get a piece of blue sheet and go into the dark room do not forget to bring the red light along with you,shed the red light on the blue sheet,what will you see?you will actually see nothing because that blue sheet is made to reflect only blue wavelength of light and absorb any other wavelengths.

We take many things in our life granted and we do not know the importance of those things until they are lost our “EYES” are one of them.I have always been wondering about the interaction of light and our eyes….the innermost layer of eyes is “retina” the retina contains a chemical called rhodopsin, or “visual purple.” This is the chemical that converts light into electrical impulses that the brain interprets as vision.
Lets talk about the speed of light the light is famous for its speed.The approximately speed of light is 299,792,458 km/s in the vacuum.The beam of light can travel 7 times across the globe in a second.The ancient philosophers thought light to be “instantaneous” but nothing on this universe is instantaneous,everything has certain speed.Now move on to the next topic what happens when are seeing anything?..we are receiving the photons reflected by the object and I am not sure if you will believe this or not that whatever we observe in our life we are observing the past ,because now you know that photons travel at the speed of 299,792,458 (km/s) so it must take some time(tiny fraction of a second) to reach in your eyes ,by now if you see the sun in morning ,always remeber that you are seeing the sun as it was 8 minutes and 20 seconds ago because this is the time light takes to reach from sun to the earth.
Should I say that we live in past?you better decide this!!!!

written by
M.Salman wahidi


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