Green Youth

Green Youth

youth is like a fire, it crept forward, a spark at first growing into flame then brightening into blaze!!

youth all over the globe through antiquity, has been a innovative and reforming force. it is valuable asset and opulent force that can revive a nation.. as sir herbert read said:

“great changes in the destiny of mankind can be effected only in the mind of little ones”

pakistan, pure land, our much loved home having more than 18 billion mortals in which youth makes up about 35%.. in dna of pakistanis, there is enthusiasm, patriotism and a craze,!! in the midst of pinching times, the green youth stepped on a ride named as destiny that takes its rider on the track towards development. since establishment of pakistan, youth had always been restraint and crushed by stereotype society, corrupt bureaucrats and traditional parents. moreover they failed to get exposed to the world in a surpassing manner. in such chaos there is still huge quantum of hope. as the clock ticked and time flows things started to dwindle. the supply had always been short but this time these green shaheens created their own demands and became their own suppliers. they became self-reliant and started to bring more innovative and novel ideas then matured one. some of them are true inspiration.

Arfa Karim

A Pakistani and green student and a computer prodigy who set world record in 2004 .at the age of nine she became MCP .

Babar Iqbal

He is a Wonder child, a young I.T genius who started programming at the age of five. He became the youngest microsoft certified professional (MCP) at the age of 9. As well as he set many world records by obtaining ciwa aged 9 , cnwa aged 10 and MSP at aged 11, and a youngest McSt in .NEt at 12.

Ali Moin Nawazish

He is a Pakistani student , well known for getting 21 As, a B and C In A -levels and became world record holder.

Ibrahim Shahid

A student of BSS, SET a new world record by scoring 23 As.

And many more, we iqbal shaheens never let Pakistan down, whatever the circumstances might be. We always have made and will make Pakistan proud

Logging off

True Pakistani soul Madiha fatima

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    Thats ReaLly Great … 🙂

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