Here’s the trick to become more intelligent & healthier

Do you know there’s a pressure point in your body on the back of your neck? You’ve no idea how wonderful this point is & how many advantages you can get from it.

New born babies have brown fat over there that supplies heat to keep them warm & burn the calories but adults loose it by the time, but science has proved that they can regain the brown fat by cooling this pressure point twice a day just by putting ice cube on it.

Here is a list of benefits you get from this simple trick:

  1. It decreases sickness.
  2. It lets you look younger than you are.
  3. Sleep quality is increased.
  4. Your mood would be better all the time
  5. It pushes away headache & tooth ache.
  6. It improves your mental health.
  7. Weight loss will also be observed.
  8. Relieves knee pain, back pain, heat strokes & a lot more

You might have seen boxers & sportsmen doing this, it’s not to make them feel cold but that’s the reason behind all this. Follow this simple trick twice a day, once in morning before breakfast & once before you go to your bed & live a healthier life. Stay tuned with

  • Tanweer Ahmad.


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