how to protect System

how to protect System

In the era of digital work every one is having at least one pen drive (what we call a usb disk). Where it has provided a lot of facilities there it’s a major source of spreading malewares & viruses from computer to computer. How the malewares are spread I won’t go in details but would like to give you some daily life examples regarding this:

Ever experienced your usb device was ok with data, you went to a printer shop & plugged in the usb, & your every file & folder got converted into shortcuts?

(Just a demo how that virus works: There remains a hidden .vbs file, a common maleware programmed file, it creates shortcut of every file & folder in the root & hides the original files & folders as system protected-hidden data, so you cannot normally view that file. Once you go home & click on any shortcut, the original file will be opened, but before the original file is opened that .vbs hidden maleware also gets activated in your own computer, now anyone who plugs his/her usb into your computer or laptop his usb drive will also be caught with that virus, & the process continues. Printer shops are major source of spreading these malewares as hundreds of usb drives are plugged into them every day, unless you’ve strong protection system your computer will also get infected in no time. If your computer is virus free & you plug/insert usb drives of 4 friends to provide them required softwares/data & if any of the usb drives were infected the same virus will get a path towards your system if all the doors were open for them.)

You should keep in mind that an anti virus isn’t just enough to give your system a complete protection, I’ll not be discussing the types of worms, malewares & viruses as that’s kinda wide topic & in short I’d say JUST AN ANTIVIRUS CANNEVER COMPLETELY SECURE YOUR SYSTEM.

Back to the topic in order to avoid these pen drive issues you’ll have to install a program that is actually one-man-army for any type of USB related infections. That program’s name is USB Disk Security.


The purpose of this program is to block any type of auto-run script available in the usb drive before it ever gets a chance to execute in your system. As soon as insert any USB into your computer it detects the USB (as removable device) & within neno seconds it blocks & deletes the autorun file which is like an instructor for maleware to be executed into your system.

With the help of this program you not only get protection from auto-run viruses but you’ll also be having two more protection related options:


If you enable this option no one will be able to copy data from your computer into their USB drives, so if you usually handover your laptop or give access to other people to your computer & don’t want your precious data get copied just enable it.

USB DRIVE CONTROL: If you enable this option no one will be able to get insert their USB device into your system (by this I mean they won’t be able to get their device read into your system :p), more protection :’)


There are another two useful options as well related to your system in this software named:

DISK CLEANUP (within system tools):

You can use this option to clean any temporary files within the system that are no more useful but still there taking memory space.


AUTO START LIST (within system tools):

With the help of this option you can analyze the services which are automatically started when you turn on your system, if you don’t recognize any weird option in the list just disable it, if it’s any type of virus it won’t execute the next time you turn on your computer.


To download: Click here


So guyz, stay safe & secure. Stay tuned with

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