IEEE Day 2014 at Mehran UET Jamshoro

IEEE Day 2014 at Mehran UET Jamshoro

who doesn’t know about IEEE?

 IEEE is one of the leading and prevailing organizations of the world. Throughout the time, since its formation, it has strived for the advancement and evolution of technology that will induce luxuries and comforts in the lives of people. IEEE DAY is global event that celebrates the anniversaries of the first IEEE members that gathered to discuss the technical ideas. IEEE Mehran University and IEEE Karachi section presented IEEE day on 14th October 2014 which was celebrated In MUET Jamshoro.

Where the world enjoys the latest technology, IEEE stresses upon WHAT’S NEXT. Thus this year theme was “The leveraging Technology for a better tomorrow”.

The empowering and entertaining event was the reflection of the efforts of student Volunteers, Participants and staff who worked day and night to make this year’s celebration better than the past years and worth remembering and I would say that they truly did that. And for those who missed, Better Luck Next time.

The Day commenced with the speeches of VICE CHANCELLOR DR.Aslam M.Uqaili, Sir Bhawani Shankar and young professionals. Done with the welcoming sector, the refreshment was offered to the students which they must have enjoyed the most. After that began the technical section of the IEEE DAY, means the series of competitions that were : Presentation competition, Videography competition, Brain storming quiz competition, Networking competition, speed programming, gaming competition, data base dexter competition.

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The sole purpose of these competitions was to excel the abilities of students and to acquaint them with the technological side which is the prior need of time. This will ultimately groom up their minds and help Pakistan to get rid of energy crisis through the working of these brilliant minds that will come up some platform and Muet provided that platform.

Since it was the combine representation of Khi and Muet sections thus the students not only competed with their own university fellows but also with the students of other universities. The students of QUAIDE AWAM, HAMDARD and MUET were competing each other. And that’s the moment of proud for the mehranians that they come up with flying colors in each competition.

                     The winners are receiving the cash prize .

The day ended with the awards and certificates distribution to the winners and participants and the formal dinner. The event was highlighted in the National Newspaper too.

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    Anum Shaikh 

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