iPhone 7 Specifications, Price & Release Date

iPhone 7 Specifications, Price & Release Date

Apple is supposed to be releasing the most expensive smartphones, we’re talking about iPhones.

IPhone 7 is supposed to be released in year 2016 & in the month of September, it’s Apple’s trend to release its IPhones in the month of September. Here in this article I’ll be introducing some of the upgraded features we’ll be seeing in iPhone 7, taken from really healthy rumors & trustworthy sources from internet.

What will happen?


No doubt iPhone 7 will be packed with a better camera, it’s said that the iPhone 7’s camera will be able to capture as HD images as DSLR.

A10 Chip:

IPhone 7 is supposed to be using A10 chip (possible 10nm), currently A8 chip is 20nm & the 10nm one would really save a lot of space inside the phone for other components, it’ll be lighter in weight, better performance & the best thing: “It will consume less power”, means it’ll eat lesser battery than its previous models.

Other possibilities:

Wireless Charging:

IPhone 7 is said to be having a wireless charger with it, this will save everyone from a lot of pain every time connecting & disconnecting the charger pin from the phone.

OLED Display:

Instead of LCD, OLED displays will provide better resolution, I.e. better screen quality, lighter & thinner. (Do NOT assume the one shown in featured image of this article)

USB Type-C Connecter:

USB C connecters don’t have any specific side to be plugged in, you can plug them in either side, & yes it’s USB 3.1, much faster than USB 3.0.

Fingerprint Detector:

Currently finger print detector is beneath the Home button in latest iPhone models but it’s rumored that the finger print detector feature would be implemented in the whole screen so that you can touch anywhere on the screen to unlock your device.

When it comes to price we can assume a price tag of equivalent to Rs.80K.

-Tanweer Ahmad.

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