Life Of A Pakistani T-Shirt

Life Of A Pakistani T-Shirt

Usually in movies we observe that if one hero wears a shirt he will never go for it again …… we think these heroes are so rich that they even don’t need to apply the same shirt again but the reality is quite opposite to it because the shirts they wear in the movies are offered by different multinational companies to advertise their products through the popular heroes.

Once a son asked his father why these celebrities always apply new T-shirts , why don’t they wear the same T-shirt again?

A father gave very humorous answer to his son by saying that ;

Son ! they might have not the washing machine to wash them

But if we look at the use of T-shirt in Pakistan , its quite interesting to know it has the largest journey of years being used continuously …

For example : If parents get a T-shirt for their child in 2000 , the child will use it about 4 years after him his sister or brother will start using it as his or her own for 3 years more years ….

When Children grown up then T-shirt will be having a rest in shelves for one or two years …

Then Mother uses it for many different purposes like : for dusting , kerchiefs for kitchen and to wipe the floor  . it happens in Pakistan because it is a under-developing country and is very poor as well , as compare to many other countries, but here well developed people also do so …. So we may say that Pakistani people are habitual of taking every kind of advantage of everything they buy …

So the conclusion  is that we Pakistani people know how to make use of anything , somehow this things also saves the money … It’s a very old observation that “OLD IS GOLD ” but a very few people act upon it and we Pakistanis are one of them 🙂

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