Losing the war against your “DEPRESSION”?

Losing the war against your “DEPRESSION”?

Are you finally counting yourself among the people who are wrapped into the messy webs of stress/depression? Then I bet you are eagerly wanting to get rid of it. My fellows, this depression may appear to you as an ordinary state of mind or just a feeling but I tell you that this phenomenon often turns out to be a severe illness and can drag you near the death decreasing the number of your days. Scary fact? Isn’t it? Don’t worry, there are plenty ways to kick it off, so let’s just do it! Ready??

Let love “IN”

  • On the first turn, you really need to get involved with your loved ones, it naturally makes you calm when you share your stuffs with your trustworthy beloveds. In short don’t keep every thing to yourself just, it will damage you and make you hollow internally. MAKE FRIENDS and increase your social circle!


Face the fear

  • Think through thoroughly, what’s worst can happen or going to happen to you? If there is something then I definitely know that you are seeking a disguise for it? THAT IS THE MISTAKE YOU ARE MAKING, just expose yourself to fear and make yourself believe that either way it will make your way towards you. In such time you need to believe in yourself and let it go!


Nothing is impossible

  • Don’t panic all the time thinking how you’ll accomplish your desires, just make yourself rest in the thought that “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE AND WILL BE DONE ON THEIR RESPECTIVE TIMINGS”


Allow yourself to be less perfect

  • Lower down your expectations and always welcome Black/White days as a part of your livelihood. The thoughts like “I’m useless”, “My life is in a mess”, “I want to suicide” etc are unrealistic and always set u up for anxiety.


Turn to God

  • If you’re not an atheist, then I think it’s a very good idea to turn to your God and ask for his mercy upon you, the very thought of help from your GOD can calm you down and can certainly give you a ray of hope. Near to me it is the standard and the best option when there’s no way out!


My fellows, your life is valued and can be wasted because of this silly depression and stress, So simply manage it smartly!

Good day!!

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