Magic Leap – It’s time to bring magic back into the world

Magic Leap – It’s time to bring magic back into the world

Fascinating, isn’t it? Well that’s the slogan of a newly emerging company “Magic Leap”.

Like many others i have this hobby of surfing and googling for the latest techs and stuffs related to it. While on my way on it, i came across with this strange, mysterious and seducing slogan that urged to me google more about it.

 We all are sort of google believers right?? and what if Google itself is seeking interest in the Magic Leap?? Yes the company itself has invested $542 million in the Magic Leap.

Now, definitely it questions our minds that what exactly is so magical about the Magic leap that prompted Google to invest such a big amount?? So to find an answer that would satisfy my mind i went through there official website Magic Leap .

The website’s home had gif of a mini elephant floating above a pair of hands. Rony Abovitz is the CEO and founder of this company. He said and i quote “ We created something new, we call it dynamic digitized light field signal” .

On the website’s “Team” page, where most startups brag out experience and talent of their employees, Magic Leap lists no names, just offbeat titles like “artificial intelligence gurus”, “software ninjas” and “computing hobbits” Those who have gotten a peak behind the curtain, though, are impressed.

Magic Leap 2

Magic leap

You people would wonder what is a dynamic digitized light field signal?? So guys, Answering this question, Light field is basically a collection of all the lights coming from a scene. In our traditional cameras we focus the light rays coming from the scene on to a sensor plate. So a photo graph only stores color and intensity of the coming rays. But a light field image contains not only the color and intensity of the incoming rays but the direction as well. So in a light field image instead of saving the pixels you save the entire ray. Now, we all know about the rays coming from the scene, you can refocus the image and any position and that image is called as static lightfield. But if you record the ray information of the scene over a period of time then the saved data would be dynamic lightfield. Then, with some suitable optical arrangement for eg, micro lenses we can refocus the saved ray information onto our eyes in such a manner that we ‘ve the depth perception of the scene. For eg: the 3D view. So dynamic digitized light field is an attempt to create 3D micro display.

Cool right?? Imagine being able to generate images distinguishable form real objects and then being able to place those images into the real world!! That is why the Magic leap says “ Most of us knows that a world of dragons and unicorns, elves and fairies is just a better world” May be in near future we can really have elves fairies mermaids around us through this dynamic digitized light field. It would be a mixture of virtual and augmented reality. Based on its website Magic Leap have trademarked the term “Cinematic Reality” for its technology.

Magic Leap has also promised to do stuffs that our smart phones can not, may be making zoo animals appear out of thin air. It also promised to do something that even its nearest competitor Oculus Rift could not do. Oculus creates entire visual world that can seem real But Magic Leap says that they’ll overlay the virtual objects in the real world.

It definitely will change the way we compute things and in the words of Rony Abovitz

 “Computing can feel like everyday magic, and it can feel much more human, much more like our world”.

-Talk to you soon,

Zee Jay.

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