“Mathematics; Not a Headache”

“Mathematics; Not a Headache”

Present time is well-recognized as the global age of science. To understand any subject, we first have got to be fully aware of the language it is mentioned in. The best definition any one can give you regarding Mathematics is: “Mathematics is the Language of Science.” In order to become a good scientist, one can’t help being used to in the field of Mathematics.

Nowadays, especially in South Asia including Pakistan the concept of Mathematics is often misunderstood. People usually refer it as a mind – blowing headache along with the considering it most dry subject. I am afraid, if this goes on, we will not be far from treating Mathematics as the synonym of Headache!!! What actually the matter is that we are still relying much on the spicy words of a fruit seller rather than the quality of fruit. In the same way, we are limited to judge the quality of every subject, whether dry or interesting, by the way of teaching adopted by the concerned Teacher. We blindly refer the subject, dry or interesting relative to the Teacher’s communicating style. If this is our frame of reference; if this is our level of Judgment, we are no more moving towards success rather we are not very far from the inevitable declined future.

Mathematics should not be hit with the label of headache. To what the headache needs to be pointed to is, the mind-blowing teaching style and unnecessary dryness created. Mathematics is not at all the language of JINNS, infact it is the language of science.

We Muslims are religiously bound to pay charity, that is, 2.5% of wealth to deserving people in order to purify the money we have. If one does not know how to take out 2.5% figure of the total money owned, how can onefulfill this important religious task, unless asks someone else to do this, which most of us do not agree to, as we hesitate to expose our total wealth. Evidently, learning Mathematics is religiously necessary too.Similarly, one must be sound in taking the defined % of total income to pay the annual income tax.

It is unfair to pass on the cruel statement that Mathematicians do not have broad future, sufficient job opportunities etc. On the other hand reality is that Mathematics is involved in each and every field. Be it Business studies, Social andNatural Sciences,Engineering, Information and Communicationtechnologies,Astronomy andeven Medical Sciences.

People often state; “Mathematics is scope less”. If it is so, then why has it been included as a compulsory subject in almost all of the Universities? Why mathematics is devoted important section in aptitude, GAT and GRE tests? Does geometry not provided tremendous services in the field of Ophthalmology? Are mathematicians not preferred to be appointed in Business firms, Banks, Scientific researches, Nuclear power projects etc?

Simple arithmetical operations that are, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, etc. are commonly observed in our daily life. I am not stressing the common life of mathematicians only; infact common people who are not actively concerned to mathematics also observe these things going on in the society. Is it true to deny the importance of Mathematics, for nothing, and to refer it as a Headache or the Language of JINNS? What is this? Are we untrue to ourselves? People who have reached at Moon, who have invented Airplanes, Helicopters, Bombs, Missiles, who have constructed huge buildings and who can at a time tell you the calculated life of the buildings constructed; are they all mad? Is this all not done through Mathematics? Recent Nuclear power projects, modern space technologies, satellite missions; are these all not taken in granted on behalf of the principles of Mathematics? Whatever Mathematical tricks our civilized ancestors used to ask us to activate and refresh our mental capabilities, to awake and increase our I.Q, was that all useless and fruitless?

We have to analyze Mathematics from allperspectives first to finally become able and rightful to pass out any comment. The key of the success of USA, UK and other advanced countries lies on their positive attitude towards each and every subject. They respect knowledge. They have enriched their minds withall-round knowledge of every subject, along with their own concerned subject. We should respect Mathematics, its profound services in modern world, its widespread scope and its dramatic future inorder to demonstrate strenuous, desperate and inevitable challenges of the modern world. We all must be pretty optimistic to hope for good and successful future.

Written by :
       Muhammad Mujtaba Shaikh,
       Lecturer Mathematics (BPS-18),

       Department of Basic Sciences and Related Studies,
       Mehran UET, Jamshoro, Pakistan

2 Responses to ““Mathematics; Not a Headache””

  1. June 13, 2014 at 8:13 am

    Nice and encouraging views by sir mujtaba.i agree with him that it should be given equal importance to maths and we should’nt use pathetic terms like language of jinns for maths.Regards

  2. June 17, 2014 at 5:11 pm


    Wonderful article on the importance of Mathematics. This is the only subject that is necessary for becoming an Engineer, the rest of the subjects are manifestations of this core subject.


    Shafiq-ur=Rehman Massan

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