Life, the causal period people live with different ways as one can manage or one understands with one’s understating power and pondering ability one has. This is not as simple one finds because life is not a simple word which can be defined by professors, scientists and teachers it is the entire course of born to death. Life management is to simple too understand. Meaning of life is comprised of live and let others to life their life as they wish happy unhappy learned unlearned seasoned stupid well educated ill literate well manners and ill-mannered collection of codes. The code of life start from open eyes to cry and close eyes to keep calm.

The happy and funny life is more difficult than that one. Funny life, fun pulse life too difficult. One lives life with a lot of problems that one faces within the course of life but when fun comes in the life it makes life as simple as it is a game to play. Fun in the life make happy and seasoned life. A learned one can understand the power of fun in the life nobody else, else mean the one who do not even know life can how can he manage funny life. Fun that I mean is that keep smile every time on the face and keep other people away from life to make happy and charming course of life. The people around us can only make us unhappy and unsupported installation of life.

Whatever fun is required for course of life is the meaning of life and must be negotiated to get. The negotiation is the positive management of happy life. Negotiations must be with that person who knows not ever thing but something about one and one’s life. What so ever one know can make him happy but not others command of life can give us right path. The path of life is more difficult to cross even one understand life because unsupported virus are even around one. Life is the major problem for us because we take it as a curse not blessing upon one.

-Zulfiqar Ali Mandhro

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