Mercedes Benz S Class 2014

Mercedes Benz S Class 2014

Benz needs no intro obviously!! It’s a dream car. Who doesn’t want one??I dream about it but not as much as HUMMER :p It’s not bad to dream big. Anyway Driving the “S class 2014” makes it hard to drive anything else. It was the highest expression of the Benz world. It’s presence on the road is commanding .Keep reading I am going to astonish you with few of its luxurious and exclusive features 😉


The S class 2014’s mission is to remove stress while driving and making you feel refresh after a drive. The seating engineers worked with the physiotherapist to enhance the comfort level. The contours, the supports, all collaborate to give you an extra ordinary treatment. There is also a hot stone massage system that provides you a . The front and the rear seats can incline offering you a first class comfort level. The rear seats are also provided with air-bags. The Seats are also ventilated for summers.



The interior lighting delivers a soothing effect and plays an essential role, seven color choices are available that one can nominate according to their mood. It’s the world’s FIRST car to feature 100% LED lights!!



Wherever you touch the surface of the S-class 2014 on a cold day, it heats up everything you touch to provide you with warmth and comfort. It has heat sensors that collaborate with your body temperature and heat the car components accordingly and it keeps you cosy.

The air balance is not only an extremely sophisticated ionization system that filters and purifies the air and you can choose your favourite Mercedes Benz fragrance to infuse in the environment. Trust me that will smell good  J

Instrument cluster provides side by side 12.3′ screens to provide high definition panoramic view of every system, every control, and your entire life on the road with a vivid display. This includes a burmester sound system, it is a standard system in the S class.

As with every S class this one introduces the world with a new innovation. Using a combination of stereoscopic cameras and radar system technology it can actually see in 3D and continuously analysis it in 360degrees.If it senses any sort of danger from any angle, it will alert you and prevent any kind of chaos or collision. With this technology the S class continuously scans the road for bumps and prepares the suspension tools to absorb the bumps and you just need to relax. This incredible technology is called magic body control.

She’s a beast

449 Horsepower ie more than 7600 CC(almost equals twin turbo v8) just imagine 2 Prado engines summed up into this marvelous luxury car. You can reach the highway speed in 5 seconds. Just imagine if you had an S class how soon you would reach the uni and all eyes on you … :p

Lets Wrap it up

I know it’s been a year to the 2014 S class but I couldn’t resist discussing its beauty. The extraordinary design and its features are so desirable I had to write about it. I know you want one , all you need to do is fire up all your cylinders and that would lead you to a healthy bank account …$$$..And you are good to go on a drive with your new bae <3 Good luck  🙂




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