Moms’ take on Technology- Willing!

Moms’ take on Technology- Willing!

The role of women is reviving in society, and so is the role of mothers. Be it house wives or working, mothers have been bit behind the scenes as far as technology was concerned. But no more! It’s like out of blue that mothers and aunties have developed interest in technology. They are more than keen to learn and use every bit of what they have learned. Since moms are newbies in this field of technology and are still evolving and exploring, they are bound to face chill winds. Lets address our progressive moms as “Techno Moms”.

Who are Techno moms?! Well… they are regular moms, their hearts filled with enthusiasm for their babies and new love interest, Technology only they are completely confused and disoriented about anything that has to do with technology. First major problem they are confronted with are their children. We youngsters think of ourselves as experts of technology yet we prove to be the worst teachers for our elders, moms specifically. We easily get annoyed by their” too foolish to be asked” questions like “Do I have to type in or do i just go to that site?” I am not even sure what it means. How can one go to the site without typing in?! Also moms are really slow pupils. You can literally hear them type as they carefully press each key with precision and their snail scrolling Oh sweet Lord. Moms don’t have basic knowledge about internet, technology and latest trends so you need to tell them every bit of facebook, whatsapp etc you could ever imagine. Like this is news feed, that’s how you go to your profile from up there, this is from where you post,upload, like, share, control privacy, stalk and Gawd there’s endless list. And anything they don’t get is immediately declared “Yeh kya baat hui” which means a straight Stupid! Even if they become expert and experienced with all the technology they use there is still long way to go for them. And the struggle continues for the kids in helping their moms’ out. A little exaggerated but sounds familiar right? It should, a lot of us have techno moms 😛

But you know what? Moms try their best and Despite all the obstacles, they have the ability to pull off almost anything. From facebook to whatsapp, email to twitter, insta to snapchat and if photogenic they can carry “but let me take a selfie first” trend pretty coolly as well. They are moms after all, Super Moms we are talking here about.

Now let me end by saying we all love our moms dearly. We owe everything we’ve ever accomplished in this World to our Moms and Dads. Moms have every right on us. So fellas, don’t let things rub your wrong way. Be pleased instead and proudly guide your moms into the techno World. Because everyone deserves to be the part of techno race and get advanced even Moms! You never know when they can rally you round by dint of they are Moms,Techno Moms.

Until next time, Cheers everyone! 😉

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