Mysterious Bottomless Pit

Mysterious Bottomless Pit

“It was a dark night and I lay on my terrace staring at the stars. I thought about the infinite distance, and wondered about the worlds which lay beyond my own universe. Then my mum came and I asked her if the meal was ready. And my mom joked, “Madiha, Is your tummy a black hole?”

And I suddenly started wondering..

 What a black hole really was; a mysterious bottomless pit, a dark deep box, or a cosmic vacuum cleaner?” let see what Quran say’s about these mysterious pits..

 How they really form??


In Surah AL-WAQI’AH Verse :56:75

 Surah AL-WAQI’AH Verse :56:75

“But nay, I swear by the star’s location/position”

NASA: when black holes were first hypothetical they were called as “invisible stars”.”

 In Surah AL-WAQI’AH Verse:56:76

 Surah AL-WAQI’AH Verse:56:76

“But nay, I swear by the places where the stars fall”

NASA: “When a massive star ends its life or runs out of nuclear fuel, it collapse/fall/drops within

Itself and then becomes a black hole”

In Surah AL-MURSALAT Verse:77:8

Surah AL-MURSALAT Verse:77:8

“So when the stars are obliterated”

When they lose their lights or when the gravity of the collapsing core (star’s core) will compress it so much that it can become a black hole. Miniature black holes may have formed immediately after super nova explosions. Ex: )The small one or low-mass black holes stellar or galactic black holes

what if we drop a clock into a black hole??


Effects of Time Dilation

Scientists have also determined that when black holes, including spinning ones, interact with normal space, they can create strange time distortions. That is, the passage of time experienced by an observer located outside a hole looking in will be markedly different from that of an observer located inside a hole looking out.

Consider the example of two astronauts in a spaceship orbiting the black hole from a safe distance. One exits the ship and propels himself toward the hole, which draws him in. From the point of view of his friend aboard the ship, he will spiral inward increasingly slowly and eventually become frozen on the hole’s spinning event horizon. Round and round he will go, getting closer and closer to the horizon for years, and indeed forever; but he will never seem to pass through it into the hole. However, the point of view of the astronaut who approaches the horizon will be quite different. Time will seem to pass normally for him; he will feel himself journey from the ship to the horizon and then cross over the horizon into the black hole, all in only a few minutes.

“If humanity ever develops sufficiently advanced technology, this time differential called time dilation, might be exploited to allow people to propel themselves forward in time.”

What if you fall into a black hole??


In Surah AL TARIQ ,Verse:86:3

Surah AL TARIQ ,Verse:86:3

“It is the piercing star “

Piercing star is one in which matter of star condensed in singularity.

NASA: If you fall into a black hole, gravity would stretch you out just like spaghetti…Don’t worry your death would come before you reach singularity…

Is there anything which could escape black holes??Or they live forever??

Although common knowledge states that nothing can escape a black hole, at least one thing does…radiation. According to some scientists, as the black holes emit radiation they are losing mass. This process has the potential to eventually kill the black hole.Are Black holes always black?Although they are known for their blackness, they actually do emit electromagnetic radiation. SO they aren’t always black…Are black holes always destructive??


Of course, in most circumstances they probably would be but there have been numerous theories, studies, and suggestions put forth that black holes can actually be harnessed for things like power and space travel.

Mining the Energy of Black Holes

Indeed, black holes produce enormous amounts of raw energy. And it would certainly be advantageous for human beings to harness some of that energy, which could be converted to electricity to power homes, offices, public buildings, and even cars and ships. A number of scientists believe that such a goal will actually be attainable in the future. Admittedly, many difficult technical problems would have to be overcome before people could control and tap into these cosmic powerhouses. But after all, only a century ago space shuttles, artificial satellites, nuclear power, television, computers, and the Internet, all of which required the development of bold new technologies, did not exist. Farming the energy of black holes would utilize the same basic principle used in existing types of energy production. By contrast, when matter is annihilated at the event horizon of a black hole, up to 30 percent of its mass becomes energy. In theory, people could stoke such a black hole furnace by firing asteroids and other space debris toward the hole, destroying the debris and thereby generating energy. If people could find a way to capture that energy, say by installing large collection grids around the hole, Earth could be provided with seemingly unlimited power.

On an even grander scale, given further technological advances, people might actually be able to create black holes from scratch. As John Taylor explains, this would yield mass-to-energy conversions considerably higher than 30 percent:

We can envisage a technologically very advanced intelligent civilization which goes in for black-hole farming. To do this, they would spread hydrogen or helium throughout a region of a galaxy, or concentrate some already there, so that large stars were formed rapidly. These would then be used as energy generators during their nuclear burning phase, and allowed to collapse to black holes, also collecting supernova energy emitted during the short implosion [collapse] time. The resulting black holes would then be brought together in pairs by suitable methods to obtain a large fraction of their available energy. The resulting single black hole would then be finally exhausted of all its remaining available rotational and electrical energy. The amount of energy available in this way would be enormous

Laws of physics do apply at the centre of black hole??


According to theories, matter within a black hole is crushed to infinite density, and space and time cease to exist. When this happens, the laws of physics break down because it is not really humanly possible to conceive of anything with zero volume and infinite density…

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    Madiha Fatima

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