Myths About Technology

Myths About Technology


Well people are very crazy about making the people listen to them! When I find people not listening to me or just ignoring me.. I rapidly change my statement mode and mix some spices to it, make it fascinating and give it a look so that people may respond “OMG DON’T TELL ME? REALLY? So do the people do, In this way we lead to frame out long tales, myths and philosophies that are actually based on no authentications. As days pass a chain develops and people start to believe on those stupid mythologies and the one who listens and believes in it afterwards doesn’t bother to verify it as majority of people around him carry the same perception, he thinks “MAJORITY CAN’T BE WRONG”.


And when the issue relates to technologies, these myths become more interesting, sometimes more funny, and nevertheless a hot topic to get curious about.

So what opinions you have regarding technologies? Lets take a short view about what technology is and what people actually are thinking about it.

  • MYTH: Let Your Batteries be fully dead and then Charge It. Otherwise Your batteries will get damaged.


You know what? Today 90% batteries are made up of lithium which can automatically switch to non-charging mode once the battery is fully charged, though on the mobile window it may show that the device is charging, thus this has became very less of an issue, So why being so conscious about it?.

So come on people, You can let your devices be on charging while you are doing some work or even you are asleep. But ofcourse avoid the repeats.


=Wikipedia says:

“If a charger cannot detect when the battery is fully charged then overcharging is likely, damaging it.”


2)MYTH: Putting Metal Objects In Microwave Ovens Can Be Very Dangerous.


Dear people! It’s not the matter of metal objects but the objects with sharp edges. The sharp edges are more likely to conduct electrons and give dangerous sparks due to temperature. Like a folk is more dangerous as compared to a metallic spoon. Even I’m being often scolded to put spoon sort of things in oven.


Metal objects can be dangerous as getting into high temperatures but not as much as the people have led to believe. Ahh Come on, Often the inner parts of oven are made up of metallic materials.

3)MYTH: The Mobile Phones With higher Mega Pixels are More likely to take Good pictures.


Yes I’m hearing this myth since I’ve become matured, funny??. Well if I ask you people to compare an iphone’s camera result having few mega pixels with 13 mega pixels of Q Mobile, then in what result you’ll end up into? Confused? Because you yourself know that an iphone would be surely having better result. The camera result obviously depends upon mega pixels but also it depends upon brand, lens quality, inside circuitry and ofcourse the sensor and focusing quality etc.


Iphone 5s is having only 6MPs whereas Lumia 1020 is having 41 MPs. See a lot of difference in results? Oh come on, there isn’t!

Look these whole parameters actually construct the camera’s result so don’t suddenly get impressed or depressed hearing the mega pixels of any phone.

4)MYTH: Once You Have Deleted The Files From recycle bin or Trash, they are Permanently Gone.


I’m sure you think the same, isn’t it? Well it’s not the truth but rather it’s on your system’s hard drive unless other data bytes over comes the previous. So guide other also. J

5) MYTH: You’ll always know when your system is attacked by a virus.

REALITY: Ohh buddies viruses are not that innocent! :p Yes there are viruses which when get inside your system are detected so easily but in today’s era there have taken birth (some viruses) which are so good at hiding and can send spam, infect your data etc beneath your nose. So BEWARE!


So these were some of the fake believes I took off certain from and are carried by every single person, there’re many else. Well I’m concluding by words that get your information verified always so that you shouldn’t go astray.

Good day! 

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