Nano Technology, “the only game in town”

Nano Technology, “the only game in town”

In all living things there is only one creation which is unique in its nature, who thinks logically, rationally and sometimes amazingly. I am admirer of God’s all creations but I love this unique creation more than others, that creation is known to be humans. When we think about the human beings of 1000 years ago, that was the time when our ancestors were always afraid of nature fury, they lived in caves, they would never have thought about the inventions of 21st century and if someone told them they would declare him “ insane”. What makes humans unique???this is the ability “to think” we can learn from our past experiences and later it led the foundation of experimental science where different theories are being experimented and scientific laws are being developed. If we glance over human history and science it can be easily understood that within 500 years or so we have unlocked the secrets of nature, we know whats inside an atom, we know how gravitation laws work, and we also know how to store the vast amount of data into a single chip but now we have one step ahead, that is “through unlocking the secrets of nature to mastering over it” what I mean by mastering over it?, before answering that question lets talk about small things(small in dimensions) what about the 100th of a meter that would be one centimeter, it is small but not really small…….then why not billionth of a meter that would be thinner than human hair, now that is something you should call “really small in size” that is the scale of nano scale where the realm of molecules and atoms exists. Exactly I am talking about Nano technology, where we could manipulate the matter and transform into another thing like a magician. Nano technology is the future of technology where we can make changes at the molecular level and can perform the miracles in every field. The applications of nano technology are wide spread, we can make a nano wire that could be able to produce high micro processing ability to computers. As far as medical science is concerned nano robots could be constructed in near future to destroy the cancerous cells via going through our blood vessels.

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 I personally get exited talking about future inventions that will blow the intellect of average person, and what do you say if there is a space elevator in upcoming years? This is impractical today because of the engineering limitations, but it won’t be anymore science fiction to talk about space elevator again courtesy to “Nano technology” we have got the strongest material named “GRAPHENE” which is 2-dimensional densely packed carbon layer very light in weight, solution very much solved…

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There are so many dramatic changes when we work on the nano scale because the classical laws of physics are not applicable instead we need to understand the “Quantum mechanics” to fully being aware of what is actually happening in the realm of atoms and molecules. Let’s have another look, if there is a wall ahead and someone claims that he can escape through the wall to other side you surely won’t believe but hold on this is possible in quantum scale electrons can teleport themselves to the other side of the wall and this is not against the laws of quantum physics. This is a wide spread and open field and billion dollar market still lot of research is being done and we still have to wait couple of decades to see this technology completely overtaking our society.


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    M.Salman Wahidi

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