New Semester Resolutions – Down the drain?

New Semester Resolutions – Down the drain?

Normally people bet on the resolutions that happen once in a year, but when you’re in a university that incident fortunately happens twice.

You must be wondering what’s the point of writing a blog on resolutions when the “New Semester” is merely old news now? Well to clear the air, 1st month of semester is just the trailer for us, the real film- realization of the failure of resolutions start from the 2nd or 3rd month. In the start of every new semester, everyone becomes very excited about the fresh start and we all go through the determined-and-Working-Hard-phase. Same story- big goals, better life, good grades and what not. But the question arise what makes this resolution trend so dull the second we state our resolutions or honestly, the second week of the new semester we start counting our days of when this semester will end .I confess, I eagerly wait for the semester to end :x. The times when most of us must have stated “This Semester I will study from the start”, “I will try to expertise myself with the practical work” , “My assignments will be submitted on time this semester” or something like “This time I will try to attend all classes” .
But ever it occurred to you what makes this all an unfortunate failure? Why still we don’t work out our odds and do something better this time?

Here are some reasons that may reflect to your side of the story:

Laziness feels good: Agree or not but most of us become lazy the second we think of achieving our goals. Usually, when I’m doing nothing, it actually feels so good normally as if I’m not losing anything until the sword hangs on my head and deadline for work is few hours away(Eleventh hour-Warrior, that’s where I include myself :P).


Sleeping Monsters: Sleep is an addiction that most of us are chained to. What can be better than to leave your worries for few hours by drowning into the pool of an unknown state i-e sleep? I personally Love sleep when stress takes over (honestly, it’s the most peaceful sleep I get) and I’m sure most of us are already Sleep-oholics. But the thing is, Resolutions are the mile stones that we are to achieve but sleep can actually, kill our time.


Motivation -Gone with the wind: We all get demotivated from time to time. It’s mainly because we don’t have the urge to rise or the potential to be something that we all dreamed of. When I’m low on motivation, the motivational videos work best for me. Not to exaggerate, but they do boost my enthusiasm. But the fact is, if you don’t have the anchor that holds your motivation down then you probably are a lost cause.


Reminding all these causes, here comes the one that may hit your nerve:

Known Destination but Stranger to the path: The reality that tops the reason of every point stated above is that we all know what we want, but when it comes to “how” we’ll get it, it becomes a big question mark to us. The paths that are to be followed are just blank spaces for us. And soon we realize the fact that that’s not our cup of tea which in short depresses us more than ever.As I speak for myself, I’m always whining about how things don’t go my way but the reality is things will ,once I’m clear on how I’ll be achieving my things.


So here’s what should be done, consider this whole situation like a pond, and your aim is to cross this pond but to do so you need to step on the stones that get in your way, making a stepping stone. Take one step at a time.In real, try to make a plan and don’t make it for a Semester but make it for a week or even better for a day. Because it’s easy to get motivated for a day than for the whole Semester. If you know what you’re going to do in one day, slowly you’ll know what to do the next day and the day after that and so on.

This may not help you in every bit , but you never know it might get you started. Once initiated, you’ll know where to go. So best of luck to every Resolution-er out there! Cheers- Signing off : Mah Gul hamza

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