Now you See Me Better

Now you See Me Better

We all know and witness it daily that vision is one of the greatest blessing of our Lord. We have this extremely complex mechanism for our eye, like way complicated to the ”EYE TO EYE” song :p Anyways here we emphasis about the “LENS”.. Imagine you are in your room peeping into your neighbor’s house and you need some gadget to give you a better clearer view. Umm what if your eye lens could use a similar feature of a camera that is zooming in. This could help you with the spying :p And and and just with a blink you can zoom in 3 times!! …Cool isn’t it??By the way guess what …!!It’s happening..Now you can keep eye on your neighbors easily lol just kidding ;)….Work on contacts is very happening now a days, further elaborated.

Lens is a round plastic layer, placed in the eye for appropriate visuals Scientists have produced smart lenses that enlarge whatsoever we look at.Tremblay is a scientist who is working on the lens that has this zooming factor in it.The lens is made up of filters and mirrors. It is 1.55mm thick. The lens is able focus on the central vision, the most common issue that many people face due to aging so called age-related macular degeneration (AMD).The lens can magnify up to 3 times and switch back to normal vision and so this proves as a remedy for the aging problems. Usually lenses are airtight so that makes them hard to be worn for long period and therefore US – Paragon Vision Sciences and Innovega these two companies are tried their best to make up a lens that have sufficient oxygen for the eye..In February they have created air channels for oxygen to pass through it, for enhancing the lens’s durability.



I know it’s getting very technical!! Apart from this the magnifying stuff there are people striving on productive lens technologies. They are about to attain medical remedies and detection via lens. Just imagine the intensity of innovation..Wow!!Night supervision, drug delivering, cancer detection, glucose monitoring all can be made possible in just a span of time, simply by using lenses. Lacryglobin is a chemical available in the tear and this chemical is like an indicator for the presence of the cancer. By observing it in a tear drop through a lens, can detect cancer and to be cured soon JI am astonished …

The work progress in this field is amazing. I was wondering when Google is also involved in lenses (Google smart lens) so at a point they can enhance the technology of Google glasses into a Google lenses. We would be able to access all those fun features by just wearing those lenses. In the journey of lenses techno like drug dispensary lens , magnification lens and other monitoring lenses there are still struggle and challenges to face until they reach their destinations, after their approval and proper testing.

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