Why it always happens with me??? I work really hard but in the end it does not pay off, I do not know why luck is so unpleasant to me…………these kind of sentences we hear day to day by so many people and at times we also act like this. We become a crying baby and life seems to be full of problems.

In my opinion we have made our lives so much complicated, you have every right to disagree with me but you will completely agree with me that our lives have become too much fast and we have been losing its charm.
There are very little moral values left in this busy emotionless world full of mentally retarded bunch of people, we are in hurry do not know where are we heading towards??? What is our destination just running like a fool without even knowing what life is all about. I am not going to discuss about any upcoming new technology neither I am in a mood tonight to take you to the journey of the universe,
these things can be  discussed later first of all you and I have to slow down the pace of  our life, of course we are accelerating ourselves too much. Just try not to be fast in any action you do every day.  Let’s try to cool down ourselves, this world wants you to be down but it can’t happen until you want , it totally depends on how much resilient you are and another important principal want to share with you that its sometimes better to be “stubborn” and do not listen what others think about you. I have forgotten whose quotation is this that you cannot make everyone happy at the same time…..Let’s try to ignore little acts by little mindset and just read this wonderful saying

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion” (Rumi)….

you can’t get better than this he has explained comprehensively the ultimate truth in two sentences.

Now It’s time to have a quick question and answer session, how many days it has been that you have done something for yourself, did you do anything apart from your regular(irritating) routine??? How many days it has been since you have observed the energizing “sunrise”……which book(not your course book) you have read recently??? Books are the true companions they not only enhance the vision of a person but also add positives in the personality which help to cope up with the daily issues. Ever challenged yourself in order to check how you would behave being outside at your comfort zone??? Do you play any game, or you are good at something in which you can challenge to your friends and colleagues. Sports are not just meaningless exercise but they are played for a purpose, be it any sport it teaches you how to behave when you lose and also teaches how to celebrate in a decent manner. So it’s a complete package, command on any particular sport will make you look smarter it will increase the fighting spirit.

Admit that you must have seen so many great talents wasting themselves in a profession that they do not like but their guardians have put them into that profession. How unfortunate their guardians are who did not have an eye to spot the hidden talent. A fine artist cannot be a good engineer and how can you imagine a person who has born with writing skills in a “white coat”.
The bottom line is that we should pursue our goals they eventually do come true and remember one thing “Never lie to yourself” (Paulo Coelho) only Paulo Coelho could have said this thing, stay blessed.

Written by:
             “ M.Salman Wahidi ”


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