“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”

– Steve Jobs.

Let your computer do what you think. How astonishing does it sound but it’s true that your bunch of strokes on the keyboard can change so many lives. In everyday life you speak different languages to interact with people, similarly programming languages are exactly the same thing but they are used to interact with computers.

Wherever you go, whatever you see there’s programming at most of the places.

The car you drive, the smart phone you use, the smart watches you wear and much more.

How this programing makes our life much easier and stupendous by all means. You start coding a program and start feeling like a magician OMG 🙂

It’s not only about to get paid but also its fun to code. It polishes your problem solving skills. And the creativity of logic makes you think out of the box. Where you find out the solutions of real world problems.  Whether one is a professional programmer or not but this programming will help you a lot.

Because, it teaches you;

How to think,

How to make a decision,

How to correct mistakes


How to succeed.

When you code, you come up with different types of hurdles on your way and here you actually learn how to tackle them. The Best thing about coding is making mistakes and learning from them which actually proves that you are trying. And soon you start loving the way of solving problems.

In fact it also teaches how to have patience and keep knocking the door until you achieve your desired target, Ahaaan.

The mistakes can be logical or simply a syntax error. Maybe you just forgot to place a ; (terminator) at the end of the statement. Where you find your small mistake like the blunder one.  Which doesn’t let you accomplish your task.

 It teaches you how the small things may have great values in coding as well as in real life.

Well in point of fact, coding is like playing with your presence of mind, and making it busy into only one task at a time. Wa0ooo it means it needs your full attention so how can’t you get what you want. It just needs the real passion. Right?? So never give up and get what you want.

If you haven’t experienced it yet.

Then what are you waiting for?  Hey go and give it a try.  You’ll definitely love it.

Stay blessed!

                                                                                                      ~~~ Salman Habib 🙂

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