Greetings mates. In my last article I’d introduced a linux based operating sysetm named Zorin. In my this article I’m going to show you how you can install any operating system on your computer with the help of usb. When you download any operating system (not just linux-zorin but any type of operating system) you get an ISO file, which requries a dvd drive & you need to burn it into dvd drive & then install operating system on your computer with it’s help. But that’s just pain to follow all these things not even everyone has a dvd writer or reader. So we’ll learn to do the same thing with the help of a Pendrive i.e. USB.

To perform this task there are several applications like Universal USB Installer, UNetbootin & so. Application that has never disappointed me is RUFUS. You’ll be learning how to use RUFUS in order to make your usb drive bootable so that you can install Operating systems on your computer, keep in mind that installing operating systems via usb is more secure & faster, because computer usually don’t read from cd/dvd as fast as it reads from usb, neither computer hangs from reading usb drives as it does while reading cds/dvds.


Step 1. Download RUFUS from it’s official link, click here:


Step 2: Run it, it’ll ask if you want to check for updates, select yes or no, your choice.

Rufus Screenshot 1


Step 3: From device options select your usb drive, & there you’ll find a CD icon at the bottom, click on it & a dialog box will be open, select the ISO that you already have downloaded of any operating system & click on START.

Rufus Screenshot 2


That’s all, wait for few minutes it’ll tell you when the process is finished, restart your computer, press SHIFT + F10 or SHIFT + F12 at the bios screen, computer will ask you from where you wish to boot your computer, select REMOVABLE DRIVE & the operating system installation will be started from your usb drive 🙂


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