Snapchat Me!!

Snapchat Me!!

Snapchat is the most trending app now a days. As the name says. You snap as well as chat. Snapping includes taking pictures as well as videos.The people involved are called “Snapchatters” . Snapping and chatting is fun. With all these happening features Snapchat is current growing deeper in the social media. I personally just started usingSnapchatas my friend insisted me to sign up, so we could have those ugly Snapchatstories: p



  • Snapchat was introduced in July,2011.
  • Snapchat was first named as”Picaboo”.
  • Snapchat is supported by iOS and Android.
  • November 29, 2012, Snapchat was available on Android.
  • The app’s lucky charm is called “GhostfaceChillah”.
  • Snapchat provides you with some filters that makes your pictures look better.
  • A snap on Snapchat expires after 1-10 secs after its first preview.
  • After a certain time the snap is deleted.
  • Stories on Snapchat are valid for only 24hours and are available for user’s friend list.
  • If somebody takes a screenshot of your snapshot that is considered wrong and dishonest and you are informed.
  • The most happening thing that Snapchat introduced was that you could write on the pics. This feature got viral.
  • Using Snapchats gives you points, that you can redeem later.
  • Snapkidz was launched for kids under 13 by Snapchat.
  • 700 million pictures and videos were shared each day and Snapchat stories were watched almost like about 500 million times per day.,according to Snapchat statistics.
  • When your friend is typing a message Snapchat sends a push notification to the user’s lock screen .
  • In November 2014, Snapchat launched “Snapcash”, which enables users to send money to their friends in the app
  • Facebook tried to purchase Snapchat for about US$ 3billion but Spiegel didn’t accept his deal.
  • Snapchat was invaded by hackers on December 31, 2013
  • 100,00 deleted photos were restored by the hackers.
  • Like a barcode reader Snapchat has a unique Ghost image for each user and if u take a snap of it then that person is added in your contacts.
  • You can video chat with friends using a sub-feature is called Here.


Snapchat is a crazy app for snaps and all but it has disadvantages too. Theso called ‘Self Destructive ‘ media shared can be undeleted and screen shot of the snap is also possible .People can invade your private pictures, videos and they can be misused. So one should be careful before involving into such risk .I havetold you a lot about this app how does it roles ,its merits and demerits. So you can enjoy the app for free and download it from your respective stores. FYI (For your information ) I am not paid for their advertisement just letting you know :p….Have fun and Snapchat me 😉


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