We perceive things that exist but we can’t see, the colossus dinosaurs the world talks about. We have heard that technology is going to be improved at its peak but how much who knows??

Have you ever thought to in antiquity and watch those gigantic creatures or step into the new world?? Probably yes! It might be your fantasy to rewind your life and re-live your most capricious moments??

Now you guys are thinking what these wormholes actually are?

So let me tell you these intriguing holes are hidden gateways to another world or door to sightsee future or past.

check out this video:

As every single knows that atom is least particle we are having but now the minuscule particle we have is


This is where these holes exist. They keep on forming and disappearing. These mysterious holes actually hook up the two different world and two different times.


Simply wow!! But hapless we, these gateways are too undersized to pass through, just billion-trillion of centimeter (10^-33cm).

As hawking writes:

“The truth is wormholes are all around us, only they’re too small to see. They occur in nooks and crannies in space and time,”

Don’t become downhearted because physicist believe that we can make it enormous for are mortals to travel.

Wormholes does not only take us to other galaxies but they could do more than that.

As hawking writes:

“If both ends were in the same place, and separated by time instead of distance, a ship could fly in and come out still near Earth, but in the distant past. Maybe dinosaurs would witness the ship coming in for a landing,”

Physicist believe that travel in future is conceivable.

For ex: if you could travel in the past and do something that prevents yourself from being born, how could you exist in the future to travel back in time?

As hawking writes:

“Time is like a river in another way. It flows at different speeds in different places and that is the key to traveling into the future,”

As u people have read my previous writing about black holes.

So you guys have probably found that the keys to time travel are black holes.

As hawking writes:

“A black hole … has a dramatic effect on time, slowing it down far more than anything else in the galaxy. That makes it a natural time machine,”


 In black holes, even clock runs slow due to the massive gravitational force so here

Hawking gives an example of train encircle the earth at speed of light:


“Imagine that the train left the station on January 1, 2050. It circles Earth over and over again for 100 years before finally coming to a halt on New Year’s Day, 2150. The passengers will have only lived one week because time is slowed down that much inside the train. When they got out they’d find a very different world from the one they’d left. In one week they’d have travelled 100 years into the future,”

Still it just a hypothesis yet, may be after some decades we could travel to other galaxies and could see our future..

I guess enough with wormholes..

Catch you later with another mysterious topic, logging off

Madiha fatima


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