Stereotype- Break the Chains!

Stereotype- Break the Chains!

Ever thought why we get labelled like “You love to read?I bet you’re a nerd and have zero social life” or “You’re a girl? You must be a worse driver” or “You’re studying Engineering? It’s not as tough as MBBS is ” .

Stereotype- A word that speaks thousands of stories. A mirror that reflects the chain of thoughts on a single belief. We all often get wrapped up into this mess of “being a stereotype” since as far as I can remember. Judging people just because everyone believes that is as absurd as walking into the dark believing it’s the right way. A baseless theory that is as viral as the song Gangnam style is. I bet, nobody of us actually know the meaning of its lyrics but yet we love it . Why? Because we were told it got million hits on Youtube and it’s awesome.

Wikipedia defines it something like this:

“It’s a thought that can be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things”

I know that’s a very robotic-boring-way of explaining it, but well in simple words, Stereotyping is a common belief that runs from generations and is often spread into society just because it’s “said so” thought.

Its impact is so bombastic when it comes to our society. People don’t even think about it and just comment on it what-so-ever. Categorizing people only because you heard about it is like shooting in the air, aimlessly. Sadly, at one point we all are the victims of this. But the good news is, there’s always hope for us. Make your opinion based on the reality rather than the sand castles-thoughts. Don’t let the words of others hurt your self-esteem or stop you from what you have done. It might sound very depressing when people label you but break the stereotype and do what’s never been done-pursue what you love.

If we want to break such rituals then we definitely need to break the walls of it. Here are some common breaking stereotypes to ponder upon:


People or their words don’t define us ,what defines us are the actions that we take . Once we believe in ourselves, it’s all easy. Don’t let the people steal your thunder, you know you have it , it’s just a matter of time when it will show you the spark!

Keep shining Always!

Stay tuned folks –Signing off, Mah Gul Hamza here!

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