Teleportation-A Goal beyond imagination.

Teleportation-A Goal beyond imagination.

Every morning when I had to wait for my point bus and was being raged by the public transport on my way to the university, i used to ponder in the bus that what if I could magically vanish from my home and reach the university the next moment. Yes just like the magical world of “Harry potter series” or may be the sci-fi world of “Star Trek” movie… This fascinating and seducing power could change the entire life style of every one. I mean imagine that you are able to dematerialize yourself from your living room and show up the next moment in Venice, Paris or the beautiful Amazon Rain Forest. Guys this mind boggling power in technological terms is known as tele-portation or tele transportation. Tele is a Greek prefix which means “distant “and “Portare” is a Latin verb which means “to carry”. This process basically consists of two important stages i.e. Departmentalization and Re-materialization. In the first stage Human or any other matter is de-materialized into an energy pattern then “beamed” to the target, where it is reconverted into matter called re-materialization. But the question is would Human teleportation be ever possible?? Will we ever be able to say “Beam me up Scotty”, as in the Star Trek movie.

So people hold your breath… Because you are lucky as science is working on an answer.

It might be just as simple as scanning your body down to the subatomic level, annihilating all your body parts and point A and the sending the data to the point B, where the computer builds you back from nothing in a fraction of time and might look like chunking your kid in a subatomic wood chipper but imagine all that time you’ll save. Doubtful??

Looks like an affront to common sense right?? But don’t worry guys fortunately common sense does not guide the rules of physics and technology. So, for a particle or human to be teleported its exact state is to be known. We know that according to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle “If you try to measure the position of a single atom you’ll change its velocity, and if you find out how fast exactly it is moving you’d miss its position then”. So to teleport a particle or a human its physical state i.e. its position and velocity both should be exactly known which is not possible according to the above principle. But what if you could disturb the particle before you measure it, so you never know its state, then what you do next is to subtract that disturbance that you made and bingo! there you go recreating the exact state of the particle before disturbance! Amazing right?? That’s the break through that Scientists have achieved in Quantum teleportation. Now the question that strikes our minds is what is quantum teleportation. It’s a process through which quantum information (for Eg the real state of atoms or photons) are transmitted from one position to the other. Scientists at the delft university of technology’s Kavli Institute of Nano science managed to transfer information contained in one quantum bit, or qubit, to another “entangled” qubit about 10 feet away “without the information being traveled through intervening space”. This type of transfer of information may not sound like humans being really teleported but although it seems a fundamental step of this great technology. This sort of transmitting information not only seems interesting but is also very very secure way of communication that no one can ever spy over it. It would seem like a very strong cryptography. It also has its application in forms of quantum computing, which is currently being used to encrypt data but it holds a lot more potential than that, it has massive storage capacity. One of the marvelous little wrinkles of the quantum world is a condition known as superposition, where a particle can occupy two states at a single time! For this reason a quantum bit or qubit can store two numbers at once. Quantum computers could provide vast improvements in speed over current technology. However teleporting humans is a big no-no according to Einstein’s theory of special relativity. Also, for a person to be teleported, the teleporter’s computers would have to pinpoint and analyze all of the 10 raise to power 28 atoms that make up the human body. This machine would have to send this amount of data to the other location with exact precision. Just think of how much room for error there might be?? What if your DNA gets spliced by the DNA of a housefly?? You can imagine how’d you look then. But as with all technologies, physicists and scientists will surely continue to improve upon the underlying concept of teleportation. But for now teleporting information in form of quantum bits is a successful achievement. So guys wrapping it all up in the words of Prof Hanson

“If you believe that we are nothing more than a collection of atoms strung together in a particular way, then in practice it should be possible to teleport ourselves from one place to the other” And if this breakthrough is also achieved then science leaves us with the big question: What’s next??

Written by : 
       Rabia Taplur 

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