Test drive to the Future With the fuel TECHNOLOGY

Test drive to the Future With the fuel TECHNOLOGY

Hey peeps! I’m writing this on my very own laptop, neither any paper required nor an ink. Ahh you people must be knowing a laptop-minicomputer – smaller than a briefcase infact. Amazing so far.. keyboard, touch-pad, thin screen technology, can compute heavier data, can handle up to several GBs!! Moreover my smart phone is lying near me, serves as a computer/camera/mp3player/messenger/editor/platform of many softwares. It has browser, if I miss something or a concept, I can just browse it up at google taking hardly a minute. IN SHORT I’m surrounded by enough technologies that things are at distance of a single click and THAT’S STILL 2015.. So do you imagine what would be next?? Oh it’s obviously harder to frame out the exact things but can’t we have a sketch? Oh come on we can.. J Let’s drag the time to future and just think how technologies would b then, fingers crossed!! So getting in the time machine and whewww here we go..!

  • Well well.. I can see people transmitting their data/their thoughts brain to brain directly without using tongue. Goshh! Is that a brain acting like a USB cable between two devices? If it is like that, then there’ll be no need of sound signals but rather the electrical signals from our brains. Amazing that is!


  • Brains and computers are wired to make human brain more efficient. Is that possible? I think they won’t be using calculators anymore! Don’t you think so?


  • Heyy people don’t forget their memories here. Why? Well the people answer that nano-robots are actually flowing around their body cells to record their data/memories. Isn’t that astonishing? I mean if it would get implemented, no one will ever get fail :p .
  • What’s those high above? OMG space elevators? A teacher is demonstrating to his students that these new space transportation system with ribbon like cable are anchored to the surface and extended to the space, making space travel much convenient.


  • People are now using digital currency unlike the type that exists today, and guess what? The shop keeper just told me that this is now universally accepted. If I’m not wrong, that means there’ll be no more economical discrimination? That’s great.


  • Ohh robots robots everywhere. In the farms, factories, companies. They are working instead of humans and tasks are completed faster. Good to see such an amusing technology. Well doesn’t that reduce human work-load? Ofcourse that does.
  • How come people are able to see such distant things? I mean they are watching much more than I can do. Goodness! Let me just ask! The lady says that high resolution bionic eyes are now at sale in shops , People are buying and using it like simple lens.


  • I can see people sitting in the car, uttering the place they want to go and off they are going. How? Let me just observe one, Umm well these cars are automated, means driver free. So there is a computer inside which recognizes the pronunciation and maps the location out? Woww. I really want to have a tour in that.

Coming back to present and concluding, though some things won’t change maybe, and the future is always disguised, all we can do is to “GUESS” and so I did.

Stay Tuned!

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