The Choice is Yours

The Choice is Yours

Time plays an important role in every one life’s, then the most important are the healing and growth, and not confidentially “the most painful”.

There is famous saying that “time heals everything ” do you really thinks that it does..?

Well I don’t think  so ,  I thought that the time heals nothing  the nature of time is to pass ,it will be passed its depends on us what we do with time to heals us , whether to move with time and change our future or stuck with past to let it destroy us .

Let takes an example of a physical injury that is fresh open and bleeding at the point you feel the extreme pain then you start curing it, you attempt to secure a bandage and some protection as you move onwards and as the time goes by, the wound start to heal just because of you, that you provide it protection you took some steps to cure it.
Similarly that’s how I look certain emotional wounds they are scars and they are always be a part of us ,

It depends on us, how we choose to carry with them and how we let our past to impact on our future.
In every one’s life there are heart breaks , relationship fractured and traumatic life events may all fall under umbrella of things that never leave you , but that’s not imply that you can’t proceed forward , and your life stop at that point , for the instance you feel like life is at lurch then gradually you start pick up  yourself, it again depends on you how time would you take to superficially heal you , we let time to take it  course but the wound was sore and did not go away , This is  we that learn that how to live with them ,this is  we that who made the decision to actively stand up with in our self and take responsibility for our inner reality . we learn to smile , we learn to hide , we learn to acknowledge our wound and allowing it learn , to grow and to be a stronger .

There is saying that

“it’s not the Lord that breaks you down it’s the way you carry it”.

Its common practice that we accountable    others for our pains and aches and most probably we ask God why to do this with us , it’s not the God that puts us in pain This is  we our choices that’s put us in the lurch , after going through the pain it’s again up to you to change yourself as a result of loss  it’s your choice to feel alive , it’s your choice be probably wiser , may be quitter and to desire to contribute to what we have been gone through .
Once you learn how to control yourself and battled your wounds, I’m sure that you figurate your scars proudly that you have gone through something really hard and ultimately landed on the other side

That is more brighter and cleared than before and find yourself experienced even though with pain but remember that you have gained.


The choice is yours ….
To grow …
Or to learn ….

The choice is yours …
To stuck with past…
Or move towards a brighter path…
The choice is yours ………..

To show your tears …
Or fight with your fear…

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  1. August 14, 2016 at 4:36 am

    nice bachy keep it up…(Y)

  2. September 23, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    in this project you have made some grammatical mistakes so try to overcome them.

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