The Diplomatic Facebook

The Diplomatic Facebook

So guys “Facebook”.. This is the very word everybody is familiar about! Isn’t it?? This word is the most commonly used and discussed. Well as you know that this is a social networking website and a hell source of fun for us, even me! It is a milestone that within these 6 years it has grown up with 1 billion users and still is increasing rapidly. This ratio shows that how the people are attracted towards it. That’s “OH MY GOD”.

Diplomatic? know the meaning?? Well usually we call diplomatic to the people who have dual faces or natures or aspects. But why I’ve called a website ‘Diplomatic’?? Of course a website shouldn’t be having anything to do with this word which is usually used for living beings. But this website is living among us guys. YES IT’S BREATHING, IT’S WATCHING, IT’S BRINGING CHANGES..Well I have called it “DIPLOMATIC” because….. Wait.. No! You read this whole yourself and then judge!

  • Yeah undoubtedly it costs us nothing and let us connect to our dearer and nearer ones free of cost. That’s the greatest winning point about it.

We can message, comment on posts, share photos, greet people on their walls, posts cards, play games and and many more things are there. Good aspect?



Let’s see the other face,

These attractive features are making people as addicted to facebook as chain smokers are to cigarettes. This website steals all your time and attention and makes you distracted from your very important stuffs like studies, household, business!


Once it came in news that a mother killed his son only because he was hungry and was yelling continuously while his mother was browsing on facebook.

Moreover a husband killed her wife just because that she changed her relationship status on facebook.

That’s miserable really!! Now you can judge the situation yourself.

  • Missing an old friend? And he’s away? You’ve got no phone number? Having a number but can’t call so often and for longer time because of the charges? Ohh that’s sad. But now facebook gives us provision to find out our friends very easily and communicate with them for as long as we can.
  • diplomatic3

Again it’s having other aspect, It means that any enemy or a threat can track you out from any where? You are not secured people!

  • It can be a source of knowledge. We can share our experience, knowledge, advices through our status or pages or communities.
  • diplomatic4

Well that’s impressive. So it means that anyone can make such stuffs and can guide people go astray even? On religious basis or other aspects?

diplomatic 5

  • It gives us provision to maintain our account privacy according to our wish. That’s good for girls more likely.
  • diplomatic6

Very impressive but EVEN THOUGH..

But people account hacking is a very hot topic and nowadays even kids are getting expert on that. Some corrupt people or terrorists if become able to access your account, so this is a great alarm of threat for you people. And if your information gets changed or is used by other person, again this is a great harm to people.

Many hackers are now able to send you messages like login to facebook and check your notifications etc. When you are logging in, the environment looks the same as facebook but Heyy!! You are getting betrayed by the hackers and finally they get to know your emails and passwords. Now they can use it for damn dangerous purposes that you can’t even imagine. Well that’s a second of anxiety!

  • Are you a fan of any celebrity or actor or someone?? So facebook keeps you aware of your favourite people around J Their latest photos, updates, activities and many things…
  • diplomatic7

But this fact cannot be neglected that there are also some people who have hatred for such celebrities and then they can be a disaster for you on fb and other sources also.

  • We enjoy a lot when people admire our photos and praise us, thus we upload more and more photos. It’s very pleasure giving. Some are even picture maniacs.

    diplomatic8.jpgFacebook surely check all the pictures carrying viruses or something harmful but it doesn’t diagnose all kinds of viruses. Thus opening those pictures, you can harm your data or system very dangerously. And it is very hectic when you lose all your data and unable to recover it, don’t you think so?

So see guys, facebook carries great diplomacy in it, it contradicts its own features. Use it in a way that it just yields benefits to you and avoid any addiction to it as it harms you in several ways.

Stay tuned peeps..

Regards: Rida Sagheer.


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  1. April 3, 2015 at 3:40 pm

    MashAllah…Great job..!! Rida …yss that’s true..and I like it.. (Y)

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