The Journey that never ends

The Journey that never ends

Anyone who is a regular viewer of National Geographic must be aware of new exciting series of 13 episodes named “Cosmos: A space-time odyssey”, what a great legacy it has been through “Carl Sagan” to “Neil DeGrasse Tyson”.

Carl Sagan was actually the writer and the presenter of the original series of “Cosmos: A personal voyage” which aired back in 1980’s .If you get a chance to watch Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” you will easily notice the light in his eyes when he talks about the Cosmos (Cosmos is the Latin word for universe) he smiles when he gets into his virtual space ship and goes out to explore the universe, you may disagree with Carl Sagan on many issues but you cannot deny his “LOVE” for this planet and universe. On the other hand Neil Tyson has tried his level best to present the series in illustrative way but I do not know why there is a hidden feeling that there can be no comparison between Carl Sagan and Neil Tyson.

If I were in authority I would make this mandatory for all high school students to watch “Cosmos: A personal voyage” it would help them to understand the amazing facts through this great series.

Let’s talk about our lonely home, our giant spaceship, my lovely planet “Earth”, we have to own our home actually we do not know the true value of our planet.

The rivers flowing here have their own charm, how can you compare the winds blowing from one end to other, the largest mountains on its gorgeous face and also the mountains which we have never seen they are hidden under great oceans what about the unique conscious “Smart Beings” living on this Earth, these things add up the beauty present everywhere.

As coin has its two faces in the same manner we humans have become our own enemy there are approximately more than 17,300 nuclear warheads and only few of them are required to destroy this lonely home in couple of hours, these lethal weapons can turn it into ashes in moments. So this is the dark side of the technology we have been told about so many benefits of science and technology but this is the picture from different angle and this is the bitter truth that we are the biggest danger to our own home, for the time being there is no major threat from outside (No Aliens, No Asteroid…..nothing).

 cosmos 1

What about the emission of carbon dioxide and other green house gases which are making the “Ozone” layer thin in return which is equal to the slow poison.
There are so many organizations working on this issue to reduce or minimize the emission of such harmful gases but again it doesn’t seem to be the first and the foremost priority of world leaders.
These are some core issues need to be addressed but there are also so many questions and mysteries need to be solved just like I was thinking about the location of our planet in our universe and suddenly question came to my mind what if our earth vanished not only our earth but all the planets stars galaxies and every single atom and photon what would be left over if everything vanished????

Of course “the empty dark space” let’s make the situation more complicated after vanishing each and everything we managed to enter you in that empty space ……..would you be standing or falling????  If standing then on what???
And if you would be falling then in which direction you would be falling??? This is all hypothetical I am not sure if there is any explanation available of such phenomenon.
Why people waste their time talking about lame issues, be it debate of “Religion vs. Science” in my opinion there should not be any kind of serious debate about above mentioned topic let’s try to integrate religion and science….If we vanished everything then there would be something present, and before anything came into being there must have been something as Carl Sagan says” The Cosmos is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be”……If there was SOMETHING present when there was NOTHING then we can conclude that there is no such thing like “NOTHINGNESS” and here comes the religion’s point of view “There was someone present, there is someone and he will be right there forever “ so this is the debate of someone vs. something both actually making the same point If you go deeper.

And this fact thrills me the most that I and you are the part of this great mystery we are leading the major role in this suspense saga, Neil Tyson says “We are  part of this universe; we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts, is that the universe is in us”  we are connected to each other spiritually we are in the middle of journey but the more important things is that this journey never ends.


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  1. June 9, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    Almighty Allah is the master designer who put order and purpose in His creation.

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