The most effective & powerful Text Editor – Sublime Text 3

The most effective & powerful Text Editor – Sublime Text 3

Mates! Ever got disturbed from the simple notepad that’s available in windows, which is really ineffective & sometimes it’s white screen just makes your eyes feel pain if you continue to work on it for several hours. Ever wondered if you could have something really better, stable, and rich in features yet lightweight text editor program? Ever wondered if you could have a text editor with a cool look so that you don’t feel any type of mental disturbance by working on it for several hours a day? A text editor that could make your work even simpler? If YES then proceed, if NO still proceed as you’ll have to regret one day if you miss to read the blog in honor of one of the best text editors of world.


Whatever I say regarding its speed will be less, even the simplest windows application notepad can take a second to start but you click on Sublime Text 3 & it’ll be in front of you in the blink of an eye, with all the tabs open you left while closing the very last time, no matter if you saved or not, they’ll remain there as they were left 😉

Sublime Text 3 offers you variety of themes from which you can chose one that suits your eyes. You can navigate to your desired block of code/text within the text editor within less than a second via sidebar that remains there as long as you work in it, it recognizes if you’re coding something in any programming languages & it tries its best to provide you ease automatically closing braces, giving tab spaces for statements where required & so. Provides tab system where you can open 100+ files at a time & switch between them via short keys or using your mouse, it offers you to select multiple words/sentences/paragraphs & edit them just like you press CTRL button & select multiple files within windows.

Must have look at the screenshots taken within the Sublime Text Environment:

963-text-editor-sublime-text index Sublime Multiediting Sublime TextEditor 3-1

No matter whether you’re a programmer or a normal computer user, Sublime Text 3 is a must to have program in your software list, another good thing is that you can have this no matter if you’re on windows, linux or even on mac J

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