The Post Internet Era

The Post Internet Era

16th December 2014- I was lying on my warm couch eating peanuts, away from the worldly matters because my electricity was out and i did not had any connectivity to the electronic media, the TV and the news channels. Suddenly my cell phone rang a bell, the notification showed that i’ve received an email from Dawn Top Reads. I opened up the email and was in a complete trauma. The email stated: “ 7 Armed Extremists burst in a school of Peshawar and brutally killed 132 children.” since my electricity was out and any connectivity with the media channels was not possible. I grabbed my laptop and entered in the Internet world. This world provided me with all the information i needed within no time. And also the news spread like a fire around the globe only and only due this boom of science which is termed as”Internet”.

Internet defined by the Wikipedia is: “The internet is a global system of interconnected computer network that use the standard internet protocol suite(TCP/IP) to link several billion devices worldwide.”

This definition seems to be quite perplexing, So in simple words Internet is a means of connecting one computer to the other any where in the world via routers and servers. It is a mean of connecting one person living in one corner of the world to the other person living in the other corner.It is a means of connecting information with the people.

In short Internet now has proven to be an inseparable part of our lives. I firstly came across this term in 2006, and from that a moment till now i can’t imagine my life without it. In our briskly changing world we are always in a thirst of  knowing what will be next and due to this thirst we often forget about what it was.

So, lets take a sneak peak of what it was before the Internet.


The Pre Internet Era.


I wonder how our ancestors used to live without this blessing of Science it has really changed the way we live, the way we think, the way we respond and the way we act.

Walking back to my memory lane pre internet era was a jumble of memories from my childhood. Climbing trees, skinning up my knees and elbows, ringing neighbors door bells and running like an athlete, laughing hard on silly jokes instead of just LOLing, receiving actual physical birthday cards and Eid greeting cards and many more like that. I bet many of you too would have these sort of memories… Right?? Despite these sweet memories we also had some harsh memories. Remember the time when our dads used to fax a number of papers at their jobs rather then emailing those files in a short span of time??

And how we used to wait for a phone call from an uncle living abroad rather than Skyping with him?? Remember when the easy access to get any recepie meant that you got to buy a cook book?? Life without internet nearly means life without our social sites so how was life actually without today’s social media sites i.e: Facebook, twitter, youtube, pininterest and many more. Take a look at the picture below and you’ll find your answer.


This was all about the pre internet era. Lets see how the internet has really changed our lives.

The Post Internet Era.


Technology especially in the shape of internet is totally magnificent it has driven us to such a place which seemed to be impossible just a generation ago. It has greatly affected almost all factors of human life. Back in the pre internet age a phone call, a letter or a knock at the door was a way to communicate with the other person. And now thankfully we can quickly opt to many communication sources like text, email, video chat and social media.

Revolutions can start at any time. Internet has educated the people about their rights and also is has provided a plateform for all the people around the globe to protest against any act in their own ways through the social sites.


The best thing that internet has done in my opinion is making Travel much easy than it was before. At first we used to pull out an atlas before a road trip or waiting in queues at the airline ticket office to book your flight. But now thanks to the google maps GPS devices and online travel agencies like and planning your vacations or traveling to your destinations is just a few clicks or touches away.

Online shopping is a greatest blessing of the internet on all the shopaholics especially on me. What if we almost never leave the house for shopping?? Visiting the stores physically for buying anything is way too long process so what can be more relaxing than just selecting the stuff from your laptop screen and bingo! Its there on your door steps.



Did you guys noticed that internet has made us our own doctors, teachers, nutritionists, beauty experts, home decor gurus. If we have any query we google it. We have our wikipedia and WebMD. From researching about the Home decor tips to how to get glowing white skin in just seven days. Internet has really helped us out.

Internet has also made banking much more simple believe it or not there was a time when you actually had to visit to a bank to get to know about your current account status. But now you don’t need to wait in the queues to get your cash or to deposit your pay check its all at a CLICKS distance now and you’ll get all the up to dated information that you seek.

I remember when i was in 6 grade i had to really search all the library books to get a good science fair project which took a long long time and yesterday my sister got her 6th grade science fair project just in 5 mints through this magical world of internet.

Remember when you had to go to the video store to rent a movie?? Or to buy a movie caset which was hard at your pocket?? Torrents have really saved our lives. Gone are those days when if you missed any episode of a serial you missed it forever. Thanks to the live streaming, youtube and daily motion my episodes of any serial are not missed.

Getting to know the celebrities isn’t a hard task now. The internet, especially twitter has broken the walls between the celebrities and their fans. Want to ask Amitabh Bachan a question? Now you can. And he might just answer you or may be his assistant. In both the ways you feel like you really have a connection.

The rise of the “selfies”  have made us all more self-absorbed than ever. The selfie which was named as The Oxford Dictionary Word for the year 2013, is a kind of curse  to the society. Walking up in the morning- morning selfie. Eating your breakfast- breakfast selfie. Going to your gym-gym selfie. I guess now it will lead to an end of paparazzi as the celebrities too are taking selfies every where.

What an age we live in!


For good or for worse Internet has changed our world it has made it a global village. Its hard to think our lives without internet. Today’s world is in the midst of technological boom. We have witnessed many magics of this boom and there are yet many more to come. All we have to do is just WAIT…

Catch ya all later peeps,

Zee Jay.

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