The Truth Behind An Apple A Day Keeps Doctor Away

The Truth Behind An Apple A Day Keeps Doctor Away

16 years ago over 100 types of foods were analyzed by scientists to know their benefits, & apples (two types) ranked 12th & 13th with respect to their health related benefits. Following are the benefits you may gain just by eating one apple a day.

Fresh Brain: Eating apple regularly prevents your brain from aging, in results you all the time have fresh thinking & good creativity inside.

Heart: Apple controls your blood pressure while if one is on heart-related diets than apple is supposed to be the best type of food ever for him.

Sore Throat: Apple juice has helped to remove plaque & killed inner bacteria that even helped to get rid of sore throat. Leaving sweet feelings.

Tooth Decay: Apple gives you whiter teeth & prevents them from decaying, providing healthier, whiter & stronger teeth than before.

Weight Loss: Apple juice helps you to lose your weight, researchers have proven that about 1-2 pounds can be controlled every three months if apple juice is preferred on daily basis.

Cancer Prevention: Flavonol-rich apples consumption can reduce the development of pancreatic cancer by 23%, it’s like the chances are reduced by ¼.

Diabetes: People (especially women) who regularly eat apples have 28% less chances of getting type-2 diabetes.

Immune System: It’s your immune system that detects the diseases you may have to face sooner, apple boosts your immune system resulting less diseases than before.

So guys if ever again you hear “An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away” then I’m sure all these points will flash in your mind for a while. Stay healthy.

-Tanweer Ahmad.


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