“The Unanswered Question”

“The Unanswered Question”

Just stop there for a moment and think what is the most fascinating thing found in this world? Try again it’s not a difficult one. The thing which lets you think is actually the most amazing and fascinating object of “mother nature”, your Brain. In this 21st century of space age, scientists are still unable to figure out completely how our brain works. Our brain is not less worthy than any super computer in present, because of it and more precisely because of intelligence we humans have, we have been able to do things beyond expectations. On July 4 2012 the team of scientists and engineers were working on the most complex experimental facility “Large Hadrons collider”. While working they found a clue of GOD Particle generally known as “higgs boson”, which is considered to be a great achievement. This particle has so much significance because it was predicted decades ago and now the discovery of this particle tells us why some particles have mass while others do not have, particles like electron, proton and neutron have definite masses on the other hand photon is also considered to be a particle of energy but it has zero mass so discovery of this particle will actually help us in understanding of our universe.

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Everything which is visible and has mass is made up of atoms and we all know that atom itself is made up of electron, proton and neutron, only electron is a fundamental particle so let’s talk about neutron and proton. They are actually composite particles in short it means that they are also made up of something and that thing is called “Quark”. This is elementary particle and it forms the composite particles like proton and neutron.

So we were inside the atom for a while but let’s go from here. Now we have to go for a long journey a very long journey “Earth”. Earth is our home we live in this planet. Let’s find out where it is present and where does it fit in this giant system. Our planet revolves around a big “star” which is generally called sun and there are other 8 planets which also revolve around the sun, we call this whole system a Solar System. Is our solar system static??? Let’s take this into another way. Does sun revolve around anything else or it is just positioned in permanent place??? Of course not, nothing in this universe is static our whole solar system is revolving around the “Black Hole” of our galaxy “Milky Way”. The Black hole is another creature of Mother Nature, the place where gravity becomes so intense that even light cannot escape is known to be black hole and what is galaxy? Actually it is the cluster of stars. The other name of galaxy is “Milky Way”. We are discussing about so huge and distant objects that the measurement of distances in kilometer becomes insignificant, in this situation we use another unit of distance called “light year”( The distance that light travels in a year is called light year, in astronomy this unit is used for measuring the distance between cosmic bodies)

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When we talk about our own galaxy it consists of billions of stars and most of them possess their own planetary system (like our sun has) and how huge it is??? Light would take 1, 00,000 to 1, 20, 000 years to go through from one point of diameter to another point. There is not only our milky way present in the whole universe but there are millions of billions of galaxies out there in our visible universe and each galaxy consists of hundreds of billions of stars, planets, natural satellites and list goes on. Here comes the question in my mind, what is the boundary of this universe, if there is any? Or sometimes I think that What If I start travelling towards any direction and keep travelling how far I would be able to go? Is there any limit, what is outside of our universe???

This question does not let me sleep; at times it drives me crazy. I have asked this to so many people but none could give me a satisfactory reply, but I will keep asking this question who knows one day I will end up by knowing the right answer.


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  1. March 18, 2014 at 1:29 pm

    well and good dear!!!
    and you can get extra knowledge if you reads books of Stephen Hawking!!

  2. March 26, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    Quite Informative Mashallah Keep going

  3. June 29, 2014 at 9:40 am

    All studied to the present day was totally revisited, redeemed by the brain. Quite enlightening for anyone who gives the read. Efforts: Well-placed, Mr. Wahidi. 🙂

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