You certainly know what happened in your past, you know what’s happening in your present, and you’ll know what’ll happen in your future, BUTTTT WILL YOU EVER COME TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER YOUR DEATH? Obviously not, but there are some people who bother themselves to the end in order to scratch the truth out of the disguise. So peeps these evidences that I’m just going to mention are based on controversial experiments brought out by the genius ones. I BET THESE ONES CAN FASTEN UP YOUR HEART BEATS!


Dr Duncan Macdougal of Haverhill, MA observed some loss in weight occurring after death. He placed the patients who were just having their last breaths on special designed beds and CAN YOU BELIEVE that they lost almost 21.3 grams of weight just after they died??  Probably this means that souls have some weight? Oh yesss, but he repeated the same experiments with dogs but this time the result was negative. WHAT THAT MEANS NOW?  DOESN’T A DOG HAS SOUL? That’s a major riddle!


Dear readers DEATH NEVER REVEALS ITSELF, but there are some people who just survived to live near death. According to them when they were about to die they had sensations like they were floating outside of their bodies and moving towards a light through some tunnel/pipe. This atleast amazed me, After all I thought that these phenomenons are just the part of fictitious movies.


An investigating team was sent to places which were supposed to be haunted, well that needs bravery! They carried along with them the Geiger counters, EMF scanners, night vision cameras etc. GUESS WHATT?? They observed a good vision of moving shadows, mists which disappear quickly. Also EVP ( Electronic Voice Phenomenon) in which human voices from unknown source were heard in the recording at radio stations, The thing which gives us a goose-bump is that those noises were not heard at the time of recording. HOW COME THEY WERE THEN HEARD IN THE RECORDINGS?


Well that is so very impressive of them that they only make u feel them when THEY THEMSELVES WANT TO TALK TO YOU (NOT OTHERWISE) , they make you feel some pressure( mentally and physically) when they are around you, medical says that in such cases people suffer HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. They contact with you especially when you are going to sleep or sleeping, as in that time you are more sensitive to such conditions, conscious and THEY ARE INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO KNOW THAT YOU CAN FEEL THEM THOROUGHLY. Remember! If on their trial, you couldn’t understand what they want to communicate, they may harm you in irritation. They may use anything to contact to you, your tv, radios, films, mobiles or even your dreams and many other things, they can simply touch you even. HORRIBLE IT IS!


Do you know that out of all senses, hearing power goes in the end after the death. Moreover, Brain remains conscious even after 15 to 20 seconds after death.

So these observations were entirely based upon experiments, and I suggest you to try none of them, otherwise you must have watched many horrible movies, haven’t you?

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